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What's wrong with my dress (Part 0)  

winsie_sex 38F
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4/4/2022 1:46 am
What's wrong with my dress (Part 0)

I discussed this terrible experience with my fans before and they reminded me something I haven't told before. It is what happened to my dress underneath.

As previous said in my story, I had visit gym before meeting my . I love gym very much and do it over sometimes and forget the time. So I have to change my clothes quick. However, I found that my period is coming out and made my pant dirty. I need to replace my pant with another one. I searched for my bag and found it in my bag (see picture below).. So I put it on with napkin immediately and left gym as soon as possible without checking a mirror from behind.

I do think that my long dress is too transparent especially under light at the hotel lobby and made it visible.

You may think that why I put this sexy pant in my bag?
Um... it is a part of next story.

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