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What's wrong of your washing machine  

winsie_sex 38F
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4/6/2022 1:15 am
What's wrong of your washing machine

As what I said in the previous story. Here's the reason why I put a sexy pant in my bag as my spare pant in my red days.

We had some fun in his house with the sexy white pant. It must mixed up with his cum and mind since we had sexy at laundry room. So I put it in washing machine immediately and continue our fun actions.

Next day, I received a phone call from my sugar daddy. He told me that his washing machine have something wrong and keep saying sorry to me:

Sugar daddy: oh no, I coloured your white pant.
Winsie: What is the colour right now?
Sugar daddy: Blue, a bit only but still beautiful
Winsie: Oh no... I love it very much. How come you mixed the pant with your dyed clothes.
Sugar daddy: oh No.. Do you know how to remove it?
Winsie: Need to do it quick. I come over and see how it goes.

I come to my sugar daddy's house and rushed laundry room. I found my lovely pant was being dyed into blue.

Sugar daddy: Sorry Winsie
Winsie: Don't worry, let me bleaching it.

(You may see me from the photo that I were searching for bleaching powder)

Winsie: Why you took photo without helping me
Sugar daddy: because I know you like this....
Winsie: Like what, um.. ah.. .. no... stop running your hands on my boobs. I have bleaching powder on my hands.. haha .. no.. um..
Sugar daddy: try this on, I bought another pant for you.
Winsie: ok, um.. ah.. thx... so what should I do now... ah...
Sugar daddy: I want you. You look sexy and naughty without wearing your pant and only stockings. It seems you ready for something.
Winsie: yes, take it and I am yours.

I think that I don't need to describe more that your imagination.

So that's why a sexy pant in my bad because my sugar daddy put it in my bag finally.

SuddenlyKane 36M  
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4/15/2022 10:08 am

Your back is sexy....

danfunone69 36M
205 posts
4/19/2022 3:18 am

love the story

winsie_sex 38F
338 posts
4/24/2022 3:35 am


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