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3/17/2022 3:45 am

As some of your may know that I work in IT field. Company may invite their staffs as a model to make a newsletter. My boss invited me to do that several times.

The first time when I work for this company about 2 months, my boss asked me to be a model for internal presentation (the photo with empty cup).

The second time when I have worked for this company around 1 year, my boss asked me to be a model of a promotion leaflet (the one with laptop on a wooden table)

The most challenging one was asked me to be a show girl when I have worked for this company for 2 years. He said he needed 4 girls to demonstrate the four colours of laptops but a showgirl was in sick leave. I rejected many many time since the dress is too sexy in public. Fortunately, the one of showgirls allowed to swap her dress to me and it fit for my body (I have a bit bigger skeleton, you may see that in the photo with pink laptop on my hand. Oh I got lovely pay for 5 days.

Last week, my boss asked me to have photo shot for newsletter for email. He want to take it simple so he asked a photographer to setup a place in office and take it with iPhone SE. My boss just promised me as usual and keep it simple. So I take off my jacket and film. The photographer just use a mobile photo to shot.

Photographer: One two three, ok take a look is it acceptable.
Winsie: seems ok you used IPhone SE is it ok for the quality?
Photographer: sure, I am professional.
Winsie: ok thxx.

The whole process is just last for 2 mins.
Today one of staff from marketing department told me that they received huge amount of dirty call and email about the newsletter. Most of them want to see front shot of your photo. Then I back to my seat and check email about the newsletter. Oh no... how come I haven't checked it in my computer before send it out!!! Oh no..
(you may see the photo with white shirt)

I do think that some of is you may receive this email. Please don't do any dirty call or email. I am welcome to comment it here, I know it is my fault.

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