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A business trip with my sugar daddy (Day 0)  

winsie_sex 38F
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2/13/2020 4:40 am
A business trip with my sugar daddy (Day 0)

My sugar daddy invites me to have a bsiness trip with him since his secretary was on leave.
Winsie: I don't think I am a good secretary u know. Can u find someone else?
SD: you are the someone else.
Winsie: i hate long hours flight
SD: i know but I can over you business class seat.
Winsie: ok but what should i do in the trip?
SD: to be my secretary during meeting. Most of meetings are in afternoon.
Winsie: how about at night?
SD: free time after meetings
Winsie: a double bed room right?
SD: sure
Winsie: how about dress code?
SD: you should know itmis a business trip with dinner meeting
Winsie: ok I need you promise me something before i accept your offer. First, I will be your profession secretary. So play treat me as your staff. Secondly, I can do what i want to do after meeting. Third, i will make your eyes on me all the time and may make you very busy.
SD: oh sounds funny... i promise.
Winsie: ok I will go with you. Where is it?
SD: portgual

With his promise, i started to plan what i need to put in my luggage. I decided to seduce his mind and test his limit of cum. The trip was about 7 days. Therefore, i bought 30 condoms..... and.... hehe too much fantacy ... tell you in my next blog

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