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Sisters, Becareful for every Meeting !
Posted:Jun 10, 2011 7:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2014 4:32 am

This is my first time to meet this guy. He invited me to go to his office and then have mid night coffee in a hotel. He asked me to sit on a office chair in front of him because he needed more time to finish his work. He massage my shoulder after 5 mins. work before I felt boring. Very relax... and I let my legs moved alittle apart. He asked me to laid my head forward his stomach so that he could make use of his hands to massage my shoulders. Although I didn't know the reason, but I followed his suggestion. Then he started to moved my bra strap away from my shoulders and made my breast lost supporting immediately. It seems that he also discovered that.

He moved my head forward to his trousers. Oh... a big dick showed in front of me. I didn't realize when he put his dick out from his trousers. I refused but he still push my head to his dick... He used his strong hands to hold my head and asked me to open my mouth. I refused again. Then he covered my nose and made my mouth open and suck his dick to my mouth. I hated his act and beat his dick once.

He released me and angry with me. He suddenly took my hands to my back and let me lost my balance of my body and made me bent down to his desk. He said he had to punish me then he took off my pant to my knees and ....
Cum on my Hand Baby Daddy
Posted:Jun 8, 2011 8:02 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2014 3:45 am

He promised to buy me a pair of high heels. He drove me to a quite place and helped me to test the shoes. He helped me to put on the shoes with his hands running between my legs... oh.. he was very naughty. Then he drove me to beach. We sat besides the beach and had a little chat. Suddenly he took my hand to led my way to a dark place. We started kissing under a tree. His hands just like snake running around my body. I knew that I love this kind of hug and kissing.... oh.. don't do that... he moved his hand to my pant... you know we are in public.... it is not good to do this in public... oh ... ar... .. I lost my mind... and guide his hand to my little sister between my legs... oh.. no.. too excited.. no.. hey people came closer to us... stop...
We stopped until they away from us. He started to move my body against a stone wall. The sound of water wave mixed with sound of kissing to produce a wonderful moment on the beach. I can't helped to move up my skirt and let my little sister to feel his hard strong dick.
After our public demostration, we back to his car and drove me back to home. On the way home, he stopped his car and kissing and let his hands running around my body. I felt very wet again... and he started to let his strong huge dick come out. I can't helped to feel how hard was it. My hands moved up and down around his dick... he was very excited and cum suddenly. I really loved that moment with his cute face...
He was so Tired to be a Man
Posted:May 1, 2011 9:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2014 4:26 pm

I had a short business trip to Shanghi last week. I were very boring during the flight back to Hong Kong. Therefore I decided to do some experiments on a man who sat at my right.

I dressed a close-fitting dress with a side vent opened on my right leg. I pretend to sleep deeply and relax on my seat with my headset on my head but volume turned to zero.

Test Start

Test 1: Rest my head closed to left hand side of his shoulder.
Reaction of that man: Nothing.

Test 2: Put my left hand and placed my hand to side vent of my right leg.
Reaction of that man: Sat behind and straight.

Test 3: Breath deeply to increase the movement of my breast.
Reaction of that man: um... seems checking on me.

Test 4: Moved my left hand to my back and maked my side vent upward a little bit by moving my body toward a bit.
Reaction of that man: Wow... good girl... lace ??

I thought I havn't got any lace on my side vent of my dress.... I don't believe he could see my pant. It must be come from his imagination. OK, test continue...

Test 5: Moved my legs apart a little bit.
Reaction of that man: moved his newspaper across my right leg and started to use this newspaper conner to run along my right leg.
It seems that he wanted to test me back. oh no... he started his test too....
I think it is time to stop the test so I woke up and he left his seat at the same time to go to washroom.

If you think the test was ended... I can tell NO... I decided to continue....

Test 6: I followed him and stood behind him to wait for the washroom.
Reaction of that man: He let me to step forward to go to toilet first... I accepted his invitation.

Test 7: I dropped my lipstick to the ground.
Reaction of that man: He picked my lipstick and gave it to me and brought his body more closely to me.

Test 8: I came out from toilet and used my breast to touch his arm.
Reaction of that man: He didn't escape from me and even pushed his leg to touch my left leg.

I returned to my seat and he returned to his seat after 5 mins. later. Then he fell into sleep very soon.

It seems that he was so tired to be a man.
I love such surprice
Posted:Mar 26, 2011 10:13 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2011 2:25 am

We promised to meet again. He also promised me to give me a surprice during next meeting.

At that night, I dressed a little bit sexy with high heel again. He asked me to wait for him on a quiet street.

During my walk to the destination place, a man came from my back and kiss me and cup my breast tenderly.

Oh, I don't know how to react since such touching is not a kind of rude, but very ..... oh I love that.....

He kissed my neck all round my back.

I don't know when he unzipped my skirt and put his huge brother against my panty.

I even found that his huge brother appeared in front of my skirt... oh so huge.

Then I turned around and kissed him hardly.

I got my legs closed together so that I could catch his huge brother between my legs until he cum.
Sweet Daddy
Posted:Mar 14, 2011 7:32 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2015 1:27 am
I wore a little perfume to meet this sweet daddy because I knew that I would be his only guest this night.

He invited me to cook with him since he love chinese food very much. He kissed me and disturbed me to cook... very naugty.

We sat and dinner with a lovely sea view and quiet. Sound of swollowing food made us got the feeling of sex more than hungry.

Oh... hey, I am eating... oh... um.. .. ooh..

He kissed me from my neck more his hand around my body.

I think he know my favourite position, then he cup my breast with his big hands from my back.

He was so sweet with a red sofa. He knew I love it and pushed me to the sofa.

He took off my pantyhose and my pant. He showed his huge thing from behind. Oh... no.. too huge for chinese girl. I told him do it slowly and he seems knew my feeling and very cooperative.

Yes... oh... I also reacted to him with my first climax.

Then he showed his lovely attitude again to ask me to cum on my face but I refused since I love my make-up that night very much.

"Sooo... ah... how about you legs..... oh can't resisted... oh....Winsie ... sorry"

Yes.. this is what he did in the photo. What a sweet daddy....

p.s. It taste like .....
Poem with Rhymes
Posted:Dec 22, 2010 5:39 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2011 5:02 am

A Friend with strong arm from wrote me a Poem about me.... what a lovely guy...

Thx. Mr Strong Arm.

There is a beautiful woman in Hongkong,
having fantasy of men with arms so strong.

This woman is smart, sweet and true,
I know her by the name of Winsie.

I adore this woman I can clearly say,
event though she lives 8254 km away.

When I told her my muscles was in pain,
having worked out like someone insane.

She told me this was not a disaster,
as she had learned massage from a master.

This poem is rather silly and make no sense,
it is a lesson in rhyme I say to my defence.

I do not mind to act as a fool,
as long as Winsie find it cool.

I hope these rhymes will make Winsie smile,
making the time writing it worthwhile.

I will leave you for now sweet Winsie,
knowing my heart is beating faster for you.
Sisters, take care of camara man
Posted:Dec 14, 2010 7:29 am
Last Updated:May 3, 2012 5:04 pm

One of my net friend told me that there are many videos in so I try to use this function today.

When I surfed one of my netfriend's video, I found that he recorded our meeting and put it in the

Sisters, take extra care to choose friend in before meeting.
Why I Prefer Gweilo at this Moment
Posted:Dec 5, 2010 1:18 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2011 6:53 am

One of my Netfriend chatted with me and asked me why I like Gwelio, I think it is also a interesting topic for those chinese who sent me message and asked me to meet them but I refused always. OK... Here's comes our conversation:

NetFriend to Winsie: Can I ask, why do you prefer Gweilo ?
Winsie to NetFriend: they know how to comfort ladies
NetFriend to Winsie: oh, are Chinese guys not good ?
Winsie to NetFriend: YES. very POOR
NetFriend to Winsie: oh dear
NetFriend to Winsie: what about sex... which is better ?
Winsie to NetFriend: SEX... very poor too
Winsie to NetFriend: they can't fight against excitment... do u know what i mean?
NetFriend to Winsie: eh, no, what does it mean
Winsie to NetFriend: chinese men behave too excited in front of me and ....
NetFriend to Winsie: oh dear
NetFriend to Winsie: no good
NetFriend to Winsie: I wouldnt do that
NetFriend to Winsie: bad manners !
Winsie to NetFriend: sometimes chinese tried to fight again excitment and rough to me
NetFriend to Winsie: Idiots
NetFriend to Winsie: I hope you slap them on the face
Winsie to NetFriend: I tried but he will become more excited
NetFriend to Winsie: what do you do
NetFriend to Winsie: leave ?
Winsie to NetFriend: i will force his head and look at me and shake my head
NetFriend to Winsie: ah ok
NetFriend to Winsie: what about other way... if you are excited by a guy, do you ever tease him extra...
Winsie to NetFriend: sure i will
Winsie to NetFriend: but what kind of extra?
NetFriend to Winsie: so he ends up excited and wanting more than massage, so you can enjoy yourself too
Winsie to NetFriend: um.. for lady, we can enjoy myself with differnt way, e.g. flirting
NetFriend to Winsie: oh ok, good to know
NetFriend to Winsie: guys like physical pleasure
NetFriend to Winsie: girls like mental stimulus
Winsie to NetFriend: yes
NetFriend to Winsie: Big difference !
NetFriend to Winsie: I guess that is why it is a big game betweenguys and gals... they always want different things !
Winsie to NetFriend: yes so man should know the needs on man is very hard
NetFriend to Winsie: why ?
Winsie to NetFriend: because men always want to sex with girl physically but for girl, we like sex mentally first
NetFriend to Winsie: yep, I learned that before
Winsie to NetFriend: oh good to know
Family Man Get Naught This Time
Posted:Nov 30, 2010 11:05 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2011 7:20 am

This is my second time to meet this family man.

I wanted to turn down this meet initially because of my serious headache but I through he may help me to clam down a little bit after duty so I met him finally and he picked me up to shu kei wan harbour sidewalk.

There were so many lovers there who kissing and cuddling like two mating snakes..... very funny. It also made me imagine what we may do in the rest of the meeting. We found a seat and chat a little with his right hand moving around my back and shoulder. He seems like to search where is my brassiere, bra strap... I love his touch.

We moved to north point since too much mosquitos. When we visited the car park, he kissed me, touched my legs with my panthose. That's what I expected during the past few hours before meeting. We continue to kiss although a taxi parked besides us until the second one parked at my side.

We had a seat in harbour sidewalk again and little chat but having kiss this time. He kissed me with hand ran over my back and to my bum. I like his hand. He dare to touch my bum in public.

At 0000, we moved back to his car. In the way to his car, he kissed me again in a dark corner, moved my bum to close his dick, moved his hand to measure the side of my beast, push my sister closer to his big brother. Oh no, he has a big hard brother. he was very excited and we kept on kissing in this wonderful corner until he hurt my breast.

In the car, he started to touch my right thigh again and again of his left hand and wonderful driving skill of his right hand. He was so busy. haa...He stole my kiss in front of traffic light. Oh, I love this kind of excitment who tried to balance between green light, left hand movement, right hand driving, pedestrian looking thought the window, and the following the car's head light with horns.

He parked in front of my house and kiss again. I knew that I woke sexy mind up. He moved his left hand upper to my pant. Kiss again and again but car headlight behind us again. He forced to find another happy corner again. Yes he found.

We started kissing again and he touched my little sister and my breast. Um... ar... I forgot what we happened. I just remembered I was very excited and enjoyed with his kiss and touch. I can't resisted his touch. I just remember I tried to resist his touch by put my finger to my mouth. It seems he know my excitment, he borrowed my finger and he used his tongue to lick my hand and suck my finger to his mouth. Wow... oh no.... very excited and made my mouth wet very much. Family man, do you feel it?

He guided me to off his car and he gave me a goodbye kiss in the street. He pushed me against the car door with his hard big brother. Oh no... I can't stand straight. I forced to move my legs apart to keep me standing with my high heels. Then he let me go but actually he teased me again. It seems that he know I can't stand straight, he moved to my back and cuddling from my back. My bum touch his big brother and I really want his hand to cup my breast.... um... however he know the rule of public and the rule to be a family man. Bye Bye family man....
Family Man Got some Magic
Posted:Nov 2, 2010 11:29 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2010 10:19 pm

For me, I join because I like to meet more people after boring whole day job. For a family man, I think he want to prove he is still attractive. Yes he is.

For a family man, I can say he know how to treat a lady well. Not hurry, always polite, energetic, patient and um... a little bit naugthy.

I can also say it is great to be his wife too because I have excuse to meet other men too.

Go back to this meeting, we walked along sea front with windy blowing from any direction. Therefore we had to back to his car and had a chat.

Goodbye kiss... yes... yes... oh... Then he've driven me to home and he found my ribbon from my right leg suddenly.... oh don't pull... It is my pant's ribbon, very ambrassing if it loose.

Goodnight kiss... yes... I asked him to back to the car again and had it. Really don't know why his kissing skill could make my month become wet so quickly. Um.. he've got some magic.
Alcohol Treatment
Posted:Oct 23, 2010 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2010 12:31 am

This is my first time to meet this guy after several months I haven't met any friends.

I don't hate anyone who like alcohol but I hate the smell of alcohol coming out from men's body especially after heavy alcohol treatment.

When I met him, he was full of alcohol and seems slow response on me.

Although I tried to woke him up by walking toward sea front, by the sounds of high heels, by sitting and chat with him, by show me my legs, by my smell, by my prefume, by my eyes contact, by my lips language......., he still slow response on me and made me very disappointed.

I am afraid of out of my control during meeting so I stopped our meeting.

He even didn't kiss me goodnight.
How's His Skill
Posted:Aug 13, 2010 9:40 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2010 12:31 am
I've just received an email from a Hong Kong man.
He tried to show off his skill.
I am wondering how well of his skill from the photo that designed by that man.
Let's take a look and comment it to me.
ALL people are welcome especially YOU!
Sex in a Taxi
Posted:Jul 10, 2010 9:26 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2015 5:42 pm
This is my second time to meet this guy. I know his taste and I have some good feeling on him so I dressed as classic as I can.

On the way to his house, he used his deep voice to talk with me. He always make use of his eyes to catch my attention; the intension of kissing flashing in my mind.

He started kissing me from my ear to my legs. It seems that we are actors and the taxi driver as our audience.

He moved his hand to my skirt and I maked my noice to reply his act. The taxi drive also break his car as his reply.

Then he moved my pant to my knee and took a photo with my DC. Then....

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