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Peeper, where are you?
Posted:Jun 7, 2014 3:56 pm
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2019 8:50 pm

It seems that I really love the feeling of being peep. If I leave the time and place here for anyone of you, will you dare try on me? Am I too naughty? Send me message if you want to.
Peeper from Above
Posted:Apr 21, 2014 5:43 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2014 7:19 am
It was a very busy day last Saturday. I worked until 9:30pm with my . I was very tired and wanted to piss before starting the long way to home. I passed a washroom in the quiet street, so I got in and did it quick.

During pissing, I heart that there were another person got in the toilet and close the door next to me. My nature reaction was looking around but nothing discovered. Suddenly, I found a shadow appeared on the floor. I knew that it was a peeper.

It was not my first time to being peep. I really want to know their reaction if I did something to him. So I stood up and hang up my jacket to explose my vest. Then I sat on the commode, moved my dress upward, and explose my panthose and moved my underpants to my ankles.

It seemed that he was very exciting and moved even more above the partition.

He drove me naugty again. So I gave him a bonus. I turned on my mobile phone and showed my nude photo on my phone and started to masturbate from my legs to my nipples. It seemed that he was too excited and fell down.

NO... he tried to climbed aross the partition and reached me from behind and kept saying "You are beautiful and white, let me kissing you and touch you from below, it would be good...". I knew that was danger. So I dressed and run away from toilet as soon as possible.

After I ran away from the toielt, I found that I lost my mobile phone. I forced to wait outside the toilet and saw that guy again. He showed me my mobile phone from his hand and showed my nude photo.

I was very angry, but nothing I could do. So I stayed calm and asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted to kiss only. So I let him to do what he wanted until he gave me back my phone.
Weekday Cinema
Posted:Mar 6, 2014 2:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 16, 2014 5:59 am

We have a good timing to have one day off in weekday. We decided to have a little naugthy in public. I chose cinema this time.

I chose a very short one piece skirt and a pair of lovely pantyhose with heels to him. The original plan was he would drive me to cyber port in HK island and started our plan when the light out. However, the man was getting excited when I expose my lovely pantyhose to him before the light out. He took off his jacket and said "Winsie, you are so sexy today, thank you to have that lovely pantyhose on your legs, but I wonder about your pant. May I have a look now...." Then he kiss me and move his hand and run on my legs.

I can't resist this kind of touch. I had to keep on kissing to balance that kind of feel. His magic hands made me forget the people around us.

The light was off finally, the moment is come. I let all my body to him. He controlled very well. Everytime I want to make noise, he stopped slowly. He kept the balance of privacy and excitment very good. He let me enjoy every second with him.

What's next.... hehe... we had fun in a staircase finally and then back to our seat.
Shoes Lover
Posted:Nov 27, 2013 3:01 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2014 5:29 am
He came from Canada and he love shoes very much especially high heel. He visited here for 3 days and he invited me to come and meet him.

We had a little drink and chat for a while. He stopped suddenly and looked at me from my face to my legs...

Um.... time for kissing??? No... he said... um... would you like to come to my hotel room, I brought some shoes for you. Would you like to wear them for me?

Such a good idea, why no. So I went with him.

In the room, he showed me what he brought to me. All of them a high heels. He knew I love high heels very much. I changed shoes one by one and walked in the room. Suddenly, he stopped me and took off my shoes. He said he would like to help me. Oh.. what a gentlman. I have no excuse to say no to him.

Then he took off my shoes and started to kiss my toes... this is my second time my toes to be kissed. Oh.. it was not just a kiss, but tongue moved around my toes... He made my toes become wet and very wet. It is my first time to feel in that way... I loved the feeling very much...

Suddenly, he said: Oh sorry, I made your pantyhose sticky. I prepared a new one for you. Will you put them on before you go? but change it in front of me. It was a fist net pantyhose. um... why not.... so he gave the fist net to me and changed. Oh... wait a minute... it was a one piece fish net... he showed naughty smile in front of me. I undressed and wore it with my bra on. What a naughty and clever boy.

I dressed it and back home finally.
A Business Trip to India
Posted:Sep 20, 2013 8:56 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2014 6:34 am

I am stay in a hotel for 1 day already. I really feel that their eyes are very busy for any women especially my race. Fortunately, I always with my boss this time and also my toy in my pocket. I dare not play with it in public. Maybe in my room tonight.

I will keep on report my trip to everyone who interested in me....

Thx. for reading.
Playing my Toy in Bus
Posted:Sep 2, 2013 1:52 am
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2014 3:43 am

It is a great toy with very portable size. I decided to take it for a ride after duty today.

I had some tasked must be finished this time:
1. used it without into my body;
2. without any motor noise coming out;
3. enjoyed it quietly and wouldn't be discovered by anyone;
4. the bus must be full of men;

I brought it to office until 1930 which was my off duty time. I ran to washroom again, started it and put it inside my pant. However, I found that the motor was to noisy. The noise was something like handy electric fan. Therefore I decided to bring a handy electric fan with me.

Oh ... very exciting feel that I ever had before during bus waiting at bus stop. I tried to touch it every time when I stop walking or just standing. The feeling of vibration made me crossing my legs unconsciously. I really wanted someone could comfort me at that moment... oh~~ ar~~

Oh No... no empty seat in the bus. I kept on standing inside the bus. There were two men sat behind me and in front of me. The one who was behind me standing up suddenly and used his legs to hit my legs. I believed it was an accident initially but actually I was wrong. He was standing besides me and pretended to be his wife.

He spoke to me noisy "Hey my wife, I caught you, the bus was too crowded, don't worry!". Then he started to guide my hand to hug him. Then he spoke to me "Lady, you were playing toys. I knew it, let me help you a hand, don't worry! ok?"

I agreed with him. Then I let him did what he wanted to do on my body, toy, pant, face, lips, legs, hip, skirt, shirt, balls.... He was very polite to me with one short touch at a time.
Toy Story
Posted:Jul 31, 2013 1:20 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2013 4:35 am

He promised me to send another handy toy for me to test. It is very handy with finger tip size so that I can use it in public.

Yesterday, I started to use it and put it under my pant before leaving my office. It gave sound of virbration. So I decided to put it inside of my body.

Oh.. very powerful virbration. All sound have been killed by my skin but the result of virbation put on my face. I can't walk away from washroom until I used to it after 3 minutes.

Then I went to a lift with crowded of people. The lift is full of mirrors. When I went into the lift, my eyes couldn't stop to twinkle with my legs cross each other. I tried to control my body fluid coming out from my pant but it couldn't control my mouth, so thirsty... I tried to bit my lips.. oh.. so thirsty... oh.. I need someone to touch me. oh...
So I decided to keep my chest close to a guy in front of me. Yes... good to feel that... but not enough...

I decided to use my hands this time. I tried to cross my hands in front of my legs and used one middle finger to keep touching of my pant. However, my handbag was very big and not enough space to allow my hands move forward, so my have to move my butt backward.

Oh.. it is not my hands..... Oh discovered by someone behind?? Oh no.. oh.. um... too naughty of that guy I couldn't see. The guy touched my butt from one side to another.

Finally, ground floor, time to go. But he didn't stop and kept stay on my skirt. When I walked out from the lift, he even used his finger to finger me unceremoniously. When I looked back, he escaped from my eyes and run away.
New Toy (after use)
Posted:Jun 13, 2013 4:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2013 4:32 am

My dear "Toy" businessman,

I tried your gift. It is awesome in average. Here's my experience,

1. You told me that it don't need to use lubricant, but I think I need apply it with a thin layer before use.

2. The diameter is not suitable for asian lady. Too big to use and a little painful when pushed in.

3. It is not suggested to turn it on before push in because it moving around and hard to focus to push in.

4. It is easy to slide out due to metal surface especially when it is turned on. I need to keep push it in or use my pant to prevent it from slide out.

5. The power of vibration is adjustable. very good. But the lowest power is enough for me.

6. It is too long to carry it out. If it can hide in my pant would be better.

7. The design is avarage.

I am looking forward to have another product test.

New Toy
Posted:Jun 11, 2013 2:48 am
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2014 7:00 pm

I haven't posted any story here recently because I had very busy life.
It is very nice to receive a gift from one of my friend. He is running a "Toy" company. He gave me a matel vibrator. I promised him I will use it if I have time.

OK, my lovely "Toy" businessman, time to try it and I will try it now. I also promise to let you know my feeling of it later.

Don't worry.

Meeting with Powerful Cum Man
Posted:Nov 18, 2012 3:45 am
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2013 8:28 pm

I had a feeling of excitment before our meeting, so I decided to dress more sex to him.
I had no idea where to go so he suggest to go to disneyland and asked me to experience what princess do.

He drove me to a garden close to disneyland. We had a 15 minutes walked to a quite place. We sat down on the grass and talked with each other. Um... I didn't think we were talking but frint instead.

Then he suggested to walked toward a subway. Echo came from my high heels. Suddenly, he passed me and stopped my walk. He hug me with strong arm and pushed me against a wall. Yes, that's what I long for.

He kissed me all around my body with wet mouth. I returned my kiss with my wet mouth too. He untired my pant and play with beast. Oh.... he was too naughty. The sound of kissing and ai ar... from me were running around the subway.

I played his strong dick. It is huge again. With full size balls. He had a powerful cum to my one piece skirt and all my pant. It is a serious cum that I even seen before. So I decided to let it dry without using of tissue.

We then back to his car with his strong smell of his cum. We kissed again and again in his car and run his hands on my body to mix his body heat with his cum.

He stopped his car again during the way to my home. We started cracy kissing again and again. Then he asked me to go out his car and we did again outside the car. Powerful cum again? Yes... and made him very tired this time.

When I visited my place. I got off his car and back to my home. I found that some passengers looked at my dress in straight way. When I got into a lift. A man even looked at me again and again. Yes I know that the smell and he knows it too.... but maybe too much for me.....

After the man left the lift, I started to check my dress. Oh... I found that his cum stick my dress and my pant firmly. My pant was explored from behind.
Power Shoot
Posted:Jul 18, 2012 12:38 am
Last Updated:Jul 31, 2013 7:39 pm

I forget how much time to meet this guy. But I really have a feeling of love with him although this is wrong to put any love element on any friends.

He brought me to a park and walk on a balcony. It is about 11:00pm, we walked around this place and found a opened area to start our kiss.

He kissed around my face, squeeze my breast and moved his finger around my nipple. I felt that my body started to melt with his strong arms and kissing with rhythm.

He seems knew that tongue across tongue kissing was not enough. He changed his position and pulled my skirt upward from behind and let his big brother touching my skirt, pantyhole and panty. He wanted to hit me hard from behind so he cupped my breast from behind, hold me firmly and pushed me harder and harder. Um... ar... um.. ar... He tried to asked for more but too opened in the park although I love to do that.

I know that his dick is ready for something. So I gave him a nice massage and let his brother to cum on my skirt, pantyhole and shoes. That's nice moment to feel warm white fluid on my hand.

In the next morning, I washed my dress that I wore last night. I found that a dry mark was not only on my skirt, even on my panty. It seems he had a very powerful shoot on me!! Oh no... I forgot to wash my shoes too...
Naughty Taxi Driver
Posted:Dec 28, 2011 2:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2012 7:16 pm

It was a mid night after long meeting. I must back to home as soon as possible so I got on a taxi.

The taxi driver was quite mature, he looked at me from the mirror during my trip to home. When I noted his act, I tried to examine my clothes.

I dressed with a orange one piece skirt covered my whole breast and mid legs. Nothing special from my dress. I thought that was coming from his imagination. Um... time to play I thought.

I asked the taxi driver to wake me up when I arrived my place. Then I dropped down my handbag and pretended to sleep. I spread my legs slowly and tried to move my legs forward to raise my dress upward a little bit... then he drove slowly ... funny...

I played this game about 20 mins. with him and the car stopped. He didn't woke me up but stopped the counter. He switched on the room night without doing anything. Just let me sleep. um... I am wrong... should be just let him watched.

Suddenly, he got a call from walky talky. I knew that I should woke up. He told me to pay for the fee. Before I got off the taxi, the driver told me that he wanted to help me to got off it. I agreed with his help. He opened my door and held my hand. I pretended to stand up and let him held my waist. At that moment, we had a zero distance from my body to his body. He can't held to said, ohh, great smell.... oh, sorry lady...
Most Terrible Thing Behind our Fun Time
Posted:Sep 28, 2011 9:35 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2012 5:01 am
This friend is a wonderful fan to me. We started our friendship from the most beginning of joining He is a married man and he always treat me as his . He also gave me very useful suggestion to my last meeting disaster. I think it is good time to say thank you to him.

He invited me to meet him at his new house with a nice mountain view. We had a little chat and drink. Drinks let me relax and feeling sexy sometimes. I think he also knows such reaction to me. He invited me to lay down and gave me massage. I love it very much so I decided to go further...

um... ai... um... ai.. I loved his massage very much. After 20 minutes, I returned my feeling by unzip my dress from my back and let what he wanted to me.

However, he is a experienced man, he didn't hurry for that and showed very good control on me.

"Winsie, I think you are tired. Can I do something on your waist?" I think, sure please. I let him to unzip all my dress and just left my bra and pant in front of him.

"Winsie, can I ..." I turned my body with my breast close to him. I kissed him and stopped his talk. He used his leg to run around my little sister and my legs. He let his hands run around my body like a snake around me. Again, I lost my mind and let what he wanted. um.. ai.. ai... ai~~. He off my pant and have a little smell on it and asked me to let his big brother to meet my little sister. He haven't waited for my reply and let his dick to go into my little sister.

We had a very fun moment and did what we want to do. He knew me I am very curious about his house therefore we sex in different place of his house including kitchen, wardrobe, inside the wardrobe, wahsroom, balcony, his 's bed, corridor outside his place....What a lovely man.

He ejected on my waist and sleep on my legs. He woke up suddenly and told me that....

"Winsie, can I continue to my words before sex each other...." oh, did I stop his word... heehe... ok..

"Winsie, can I have a lady master in this house?" "I mean you, Winsie"

oh no... the most terrible thing is coming....

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