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Rooftop Fun Going Wrong (Part 4)
Posted:Jun 2, 2017 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 6:03 pm
Some of you may know I will post part 4 of my rooftop fun story. Here comes what happened after rooftop fun.

I go down from the rooftop with my dirty pant and back to ladies room to clean my body. This is my first time to finish a rooftop fun like this. I haven't prepared for this so I haven't got any spare pant or dress in my bag.

After cleaning, I decided to back home with a taxi.

The driver is around 50 something. It seems I wear too much perfume after cleaning. He kept watching me in a mirror. He even forget the way to cross harbour tunnel. In a cross harbour tunnel, he lower his hand to his pant and made little ah..ah... sound. He even can't drive straight in the tunnel.

In Hong Kong, I can tell this is not my first time to have such experience. But it would be danger during driving on the road.

Still remain 2 mins to destination. He told me that

Driver: Um... lady, I want to park my car in front of a public toilet... I can't stand.

Winsie: Oh, ok.

Driver: Sorry

Winsie: That's ok.

Winsie: Um.. are you ok?

Driver: Um.. Ok. I park here, and wait.

So he stopped his car and kept me waiting as what you see in the photos.

He came back after 5 minutes and drove me to destination.

Rooftop Fun Going Wrong (Part 3)
Posted:May 19, 2017 6:41 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 3:56 am

Winsie: What! doing for real? No....
The security guy moved his hand to my butt and used one finger to touch my pussy.

Security guy: Oh, is it your toy working? oh lets see what happen if I push it in.

Winsie: oh no... don't ... do... ... ... ah... that...ah...... oh.. sorry.... ah...sorry....

I can't stand the excitement and pee.... all over my pant and his hand.....

I am very unhappy for that because my dress become a bit yellow with my pee. He also feel very sorry for that and stop doing this again.

I haven't brought any spare pant and dress. I have to back home immediately.

I think it is not a good practice to play with my toy on the rooftop anymore.
Rooftop Fun Going Wrong (Part 2)
Posted:Apr 17, 2017 6:09 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2017 4:40 am

People keep asking me what happened in the last post. OK, guys. Here comes part 2.

I tried to keep my legs close when I sit on a water pipe but it is still hard to close. The security guard tried to help me in front of me with his left hand around my waist and other hand cup on my beast from my back and then push my whole body toward his body. I can feel what he needs to my body. I also feel I am start to melt in front of him.

Security guard: haha... you are quite heavy, let me help you to off the pipe.
Then he move his hand from my waist to my butt.

Winsie: oh... um... I ....

Security guard: (speak to my ear) lacy pant.. um.. I love it.. I saw it when you playing with your toy. Are you want to play for real?

Winsie: oh... no...

Security guard: It is fun and I have time and you?

Winsie: I don't know you.

Security guard: I know you. I found you on the rooftop several times. I always think that you smoke in the rooftop but I can't find any smoke smell from you. Now I know why you are here.

Winsie: can you let me down from the pipe?

Security guard: sure can I see your legs?

Actually, he lift my skirt very high and expose the lacy of my pant.

Winsie: ok but just watch

Security guard: oh I see. Is it smooth? Can I touch? Every time I see you on the rooftop, I really want to touch you.... may I?

Winsie: You have to promise me. It is only for you please don't tell anyone and please let me off the pipe after that.

Security guard: sure.

He start to move his hands around my legs. I say no and close my legs every time when he move further upward.

Winsie: Is it ok?

Security guard: um...

Then he push me to his body and force me to open my legs.

Security guard: Your pant is beautiful. Can I touch it? is it the remote?

Winsie: Touch my pant? Sure.... no.... don't press button... oh... don't do that

Security guard: Now can I touch your pant?

Winsie: No...Let me down from the pipe.

The toy move in further when I sit on the pipe with my legs open. It make me can't help to kiss the security guard.

Security guard: How about doing real......

Rooftop Fun Going Wrong (Part 1)
Posted:Mar 25, 2017 12:20 am
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2022 5:03 am
I am really long for some fun on the rooftop. It is time to do that again.
Some people ask me why girls like to play toy instead of real sex, that's my answers:
1. it is safe from disease;
2. good for busy ladies;
3. discover more about ourselves;

To let you guys knows why I love that, I will describe it in detail.

1. Fully charged my toys and put it in my zipped small bag;
2. Wet tissue for clean up especially after cum.
3. Bra with easy detachable bra straps;
4. Lase pant that easy to let my toy to go in;
5. pantyhose with lase hold up to hold my remote on my leg during emergancy situation.
6. loose dress;
7. except high heels because it is hard to escape;
8. mobile phone for photo taking or emergancy call.

I choose 4:00pm because people a busy for preparing to leave office. No one will go there.

About rooftop:
1. The door is very heavy to open, I have to use my whole body to unlock and open it. A security person will come after 20 mins. when I open the door.
2. There are so many pipes that I need to cross over. I usually choose one of a clean pipe to seat on it.

What happen this time:
I go upstair with my little bag and open the door at the roof top, cross over some pipes, standing against a wall and put my toy in my pant.

I switch it on from level 1 until the mood come. When the mood come, I switch it to level 2. At this level, I usually can't keep myself standing and need to sit on a pipe.

I usually spread my legs to let it in a little bit in my pussy. I will keep touching my boob and my pant to keep my toy half way in my pussy.

I will remove my bra straps and let my boob more freedom to move and also let my nipples coming out more easily.

I am not easy to go further level of vibration because time is come (20 mins. limit). But this time I switch it to level 3 because I believe my mobile phone, it will warn me if the time come.

In level 3, the vibration will let the toy go in further automatically if my puzzy is wet.
So I have to use my hand to keep it half way in. I usually can't held to roam at this level and keep my hand moving on my boob and spread and close my leg regularly.

I close my eyes and listen to my roam and the vibration sound it will get smaller every time it push in and get bigger when it comes out. I can't sit one the pipe this time. I lay myself down on the ground and face to the sky. The floor is very warm. I love to feeling on my back and the vibration. Everything are good in my mind.

[A Man's voice] Lady, sorry, it is danger to ... um... danger ah... lady... lady sorry.

[Winsie] Oh no... damn it .. oh sorry ...

[Winsie's mind] I sit on the ground and close my leg with my toy in my pussy totally without any sound.... oh no... damn it ... too excited. The security guy discover my play.

[Security guy] Please come with me and go downstair. sorry.

[Winsie's mind] Oh no... I can't walk... what should I do... my top is in my pussy. I will cum... I need to stop it with my remote. Where is it...

[Security guy] Is it belongs to you?

[Winsie's mind] Oh no... the remote is on his hand...

[Winsie] Oh yes... it is mine....

Security guy] Why you are here with smile?

[Winsie] selfie only it is nice view.

[Secuity guy] um... ok

[Winsie's mind] Don't keep talking... I need to escape from him....

[Security guy] it seems you can't stand right, let me help you.

[Winsie's mind] What he wants? He used his arm to held my shoulder and use another hand to held my waist. My bra is loose and expose my puzzy behind my dress. He look at my boob and my dress and say..

[Security guy] Oh, did you take selfie successfully? Give me you phone.

[Winsie's mind] Please leave me alone... I cum and wet my pant...

[Winsie] I give him my phone and take this photo of mine. You may see my pose.. very unnatural... you know why I think.
After taking photo, the security guy help me to cross all the pipes by lifting up one my of leg. Then he move his hand under my dress and touch my hip.

[Security guy] Can you move another leg to cross another pipe? let me help you......with smile..

[Winsie] Then the guy let me sit on a pipe and lift my aonther leg up to very high... At that moment, the toy coming out. As a lady you know what happen next.... my pant all wet and the vibration sound is coming out again..... oh no.. I need to stop such exciting act....

[Security guy] You are beautiful, it is danger you know...
He start to kiss my leg. I am afraid and close my legs but also made my toy into my pussy again...... oh no... don't do that... I can't stop ... don't ... do... that..... .. don't move your hands upwards... please leave me alone... don't do.... that.........

P.S.: Why my phone can't warn me because I mute it during meeting and forget to unmute it before going to the rooftop.
Your Limit and My Limit
Posted:Mar 11, 2017 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2017 3:12 am

Most of meetings are nice meetings but there are some bad meetings too.

Several years ago, I met a guy from I met him in front of a bar. He seems drank and kept laughing in front of me. I though he really need to sit because it seems he couldn't walk straightly and kept hugging me during walking. So I found a sit for him in a garden.

I led him to sit down, but he didn't. Then he hug me with his strong arm... That's what I love.

Then I found that he want to kiss me... ok .. that's I love too... but the smell was bad.

Few seconds later, I found that his hand moved around my back downward. That's what I love too....

Another few seconds later, I found that he used his another hand was in my butt. ok, he was testing my limit.

Another few seconds later, I found that he used his hand to lift my skirt upward and kept explore my pant. That's not ok to me... there were peoples behind me. People even saw my pant and shouted at me.

Few seconds later, I pushed him away but not success. He even hugged me harder and put two hand on my pant and lift my skirt even upper. Then he put his hand in my pant and moved my pant downward.

I started to hit him and push him away from me. I succeed this time and escape from him. Although he said sorry to me, but it was very impolite act to me.

There are another dranker from India, he gave me flowers but drank alot.

Sorry guys, if you really want to enjoy something with me. Please drink little is ok but not over your limit and do something over my limit.
Another Taxi Driver
Posted:Feb 2, 2017 5:42 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2017 3:19 am

I have a regular taxi driver who pick me up to my home from my office. He is around 60 years old.

I choose him because I can sleep (or play my toy) on my way home and he seems nice to take care of me e.g. lower the taxi fee and let me sleep well by lowering speed of his car. But he always keep asking me questions if I am not sleeping.

I find that everytime I pay for taxi fee, he always look at my skirt and my boob. He also insists to return 20 dollars and touch my hand.

One day, I decided to play a game with him. I asked him to let me sit next to him. I found that he didin't do anything to me.

Next day, I asked him to let me sit next to him. He prefer sit behind him instead. I found that he keep his eyes busy when I pay for the taxi fee this time.
Oh.... I know what is happening...
1. He can't see what I wear inside my skirt when I sit next to him;
2. He is a long-sighted person. He can't see me clearly if I sit too close to him;

OK, here comes to another game to him now:
1. I sat behind him.
2. I wore a lower cut one piece white skirt and black lace stocking to create high contrast. I also wore perfume to attract his attention.
3. High heels to let him know I need to lift my legs more upward to get on the car so that my skirt may move further upward naturally.
4. I prepared 2 questions to him.

Time is come, he checked my skirt and boob when I paid for the taxi fee and he returned 20 dollars to me and touched my hand again. Then I asked him:

Winsie: I found that you keep looking on my skirt, is there any problem?
Taxi driver: No, hehe, you are beautiful only hahaha....

Winsie: Shame that you are married otherwise I may invite you to have a drink.
Taxi driver: hahaha....

Winsie: You are a naughty taxi driver.
Taxi driver: oh.... hahaha... no....

Winsie: Do you want to see what I am wearing inside my skirt?
Taxi driver: oh.... hahahaha..... no.... um.... you are beautiful.

Winsie: You really are a naughty taxi driver.

Then I lift my legs to the car seat and let my skirt move downward naturally with my eyes look at him.

Winsie: Can you see it clearly now?
Taxi driver: oh oh.. yes.... no... you are beautful...

I won't choose his taxi in a short period and I think it is a kind of reward to him. I know that his job are very boring sometimes.

Hope that I can give this a little excitement to his job.

Thx. Peter,
My best taxi driver so far.
Tears In Front of a Refrigerator
Posted:Jan 7, 2017 5:00 am
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2019 8:47 pm
My sugar daddy invited me to have a new year dinner after long holiday. I know the feeling of lonely in the planet. Therefore, I always let him to pick what should I wear and prepare for our meeting.

Here's his suggestion:
Dress in all white (in and out);
High heel boot (for outdoor);
No prefume.

I met him in a car park and I gave him a big and long welcome kiss.

He drove me to his place and do what we agreed to do. Yes he never push me to have sex with him. However, he also know mathematics and my body very welcome...hehe..

I usually help him to take off his condom. He always use a tissue to cover it. I think that this is what he called hygiene. Until I go to find orange juice in refrigerator.

I found that there is a nice box inside his refrigerator. I tried to open it and discovered my name and date on each of used condoms....

Oh man, ... what a lonely man....

I close the box and the refrigerator with tears in my eyes....

When I returned my face to him, I found that he stood behind me and kept saying "Sorry Winsie.... I ... I need them to feel you every minute in this room." I know it is improper, but......"

I used my mouth with tears to keep his words in his mind. I use my body to warm his heart again. I water his love to keep it fresh between us.

Man, my sugar daddy, I know you are lonely in the planet after your wife pass away. But I know that I can't replace your wife although I try my best to fulfill your needs.

For my fans, sorry that I cant always keep this blog sexy because I am a human. Hope you dont mind. Keep stay with me in my blog.


P.S. About the photo: I took it after I discovered the box and before I left his house. Yes, this is the second one in that night.
What's Next ?
Posted:Nov 11, 2016 7:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2017 2:21 pm

I accepted an friend to have a peek show in public again. I entered a washroom and found that one of a lattice is closed. So I chose another one that next to the lattice.

When I close the door and start to play. I found that there were some sound coming out from the closed lattice. Moan sound coming out next to me. I even heard a lady's moan and said "stop", too loud.....

At that moment, my partner was coming in. I found that he haven't got any room to peek me. So I let him into my lattice.

We tried my best to hide ourselve and pretended to single person in our lattice quietly. Then we listened what happened next to us.

You may think that how about us?

Hehe, I can tell it really fun and excited. We both have a enjoyable night not only in the public but in private.
What I Like if YOU want to be my Partner #2
Posted:Sep 19, 2016 4:37 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2017 4:03 am

It is about time to have another Q and A section.

Q: What kind of message I hate most?
A: 1. message contain only "Hi". If you really want to say one word only, why don't you use chat room instead.
2. Dick photo only. Actually, I see a lot everyday and I don't think size can catch my eyes.
3. Ask me "what is your name". This kind of people must be very lazy. He don't check other profile before sending message.
4. Message with 100 words and send same message after 6 months. I believe he don't know who is talking to. Although I am not a computer expert, but I know copy and paste very well. Another lazy guys.

Q: What kind of message can make you happy?
A: 1. People knew me very well from my blog.
2. People left message in my blog,
3. Message with friendly sense.

Q: Do you like ONS?
A: I hate this.

Q: Do you like cyber?
A: I Hate this too.

Hope that can help you know more about me.
See you soon
Long skirt is not always safe
Posted:Aug 28, 2016 1:33 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2017 6:15 pm
The weather is getting windy so I decided to wear a long dress today.

I chose a seat at the back of a bus which was near a window then I fell asleep until a man seat next to me.

I think It should be long time I haven't worn this dress, I forget to move my dress to my seat and let it covered the other seat next to me. So the man was sitting on my dress.

When I woke up, I found that my handbags dropped on the floor of the bus. I kneeled down and picked it up. However, my dress was being clamped by the man's leg. (It is hard to describe, um... just like the pic below). So my dress was keeping on my seat when I kneeled down and exposed my underwear. There wasn't enough space for me to pick up my bag and my butt hit to his leg until I had my bag back.

I didn't know what happened actually and fell asleep again until I found that my dress was moving several times. Then I discovered that his right hand was under his leg and touched my dress secretly.

It seems that the man would like to play with my dress, however, time is out, I had to get off the bus.

Sorry man.
What I Like if YOU to be my Partner #1
Posted:Aug 7, 2016 10:32 pm
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2016 1:33 am

I think it is time to answer some questions from fan/friends.

Q: In your profile, how Typical Chinese you are?
A: I am not an experienced lady and shy to share when meeting a stranger. So I need more time to warm me up if you want me hot for you

Q: What can make you meet me?
A: Not just chat, but gain my trust in every chat. If you just ask for sex, sorry, I am not that kind of lady. I perfer making friends or even long term friends.

Q: What you like during sex?
A: I love strong arm and provide strong push. Speed is not my concern. But I am quite picky for my partner.

OK, I think I answer three questions each at a time.
If you have any questions on me, please email me or post it here.

Bye with kiss.
Man is Dangerous
Posted:Jul 24, 2016 10:52 pm
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2016 1:34 am
It should be long time that I haven't posted anything here. There are two reasons that I haven't shown up for long:
1. I've got a terrible business trip in past few weeks in Singapore;
2. I've got a very busy life again.

I try to make myself busy to forget all unhappy things in my mind but I really need somebody to take care of my feeling after a terrible business trip. He always my first sugar dad in my heart. He always be my first person to share.

I go to his office at night and hide myself in a staircase then I text him and let him know where I am.

"Oh Winsie, let me warm your heart. It is terrible... Let me take care of you...."

I know what 's the meaning of "Take care" so I reject him and push him away from my waist. Man always like to invade ladies heart when we are weak. However, this time, I really need the feeling of "to be cared".

I let him to do his job on me, cuddling me with strong arms, grab me with naugthy hands....

People with old age will come soft easily but I am too dry to do this in staircase. So I pass my vibrator to him. He said, No, I don't need this, it is hard enough" but actually, I need it. He don't know I am not ready.

Suddenly, he life up one of my leg and expose my private parts and push me against a wall. He said, I like to do it with your legs straight upwards. so I let him do this. It is easily for lady but it really hard to keep standing during every push.

I can't stand with his push, yes, can't help to buckle my knee, where his hands? I can't stand...
Oh... his hands is on my butt, so busy of him. I can see his dick in and out several time slowly. But I can't stand...

Then he move it faster and faster. Everytime, when I try to buckle my knee, he gives me a strong push and make me need more faster....

Yes sugar dad faster and faster, move it more outer and deeper please....Suddenly,

Winsie, do you like to be my wife..., (he is still moving)

ah... (what you are talking?)

Winsie, do you like me to shot inside you... (sure not!)

Winsie, I love you can you be my wife...., (he keep it in my pussy) I am not ready....

Winsie, ok, I will keep asking next time.... (he is moving again)

ahh.. ah.. you are naugthy (Man is always dangerous)

Winsie, I like to have our bady one day (he is moving faster)

Ah, but not this time.....(what he is going to do?)

Winsie, you pussy is wet for me, it means you we love each other (cuddling and kissing)

Ah, but not today sorry. (he is going to shot?)

I shot now, are you ready Winsie. (strong push and faster)

Ready???? in my body?

Winsie, I love you, you should trust me... (all over my legs and skirt)

Um.. I think he really experienced enough to play this game on me.

OK, I think it really gain me more trust on him.
New Toy from Him
Posted:May 1, 2016 7:57 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2017 10:31 pm
I accepted his free ride offer again. On my way home, he asked me to close my eyes. He bought me a new wireless egg for me. He asked me to test it in front of him. However, I think I still too shy for that. So I promised him to write a after test report here.

It is bigger and heavier than the previous one. You may compared it in pic. However, the plastic is very soft.

When I try to operate it, I find that there is a funny white light in the egg. You may see it in another pic.

When I tried to use it in at night. The light become very bright. um... really hard to hide under a black skirt.

I also find that the sound is very strong. I even tested in taxi, the sound is still pity strong. I tried to relax myself to let it in, but it really big and the vibration is too strong that it made me can't help to keep my legs close and ......

I think it is good enough but I need more time to feel it.


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