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Sexy construction worker
Posted:Jan 26, 2016 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2017 3:56 pm

My biggest turn on, is a manly man. A guy that gets dirty fixing his truck, loves to quad through the back country, knows how to fix things etc. I came across a profile of a guy on another site, and instantly was aroused. He is a heavy equipment operator, tattoos, muscular and has a goatee. I love goatee's especially how they tickle between my legs.

For the last day I have been fantasying about stripping naked for him and what his hands feel like on my skin. Not to mention how his tongue feels sliding between my wet pussy lips searching for my clit.

So I broke down and messaged him. But it looks like he hasn't been online for over a month. bummer. I hope this doesn't die a fantasy.
Craving a cock
Posted:Mar 8, 2015 6:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2017 3:58 pm

Something about mornings makes me horny. As I lay in bed I'm dreaming about a hard, pink cock.

As I lay on my back the bed, my head hanging over the mattress edge, you stand next to me. You lean down to run your fingers over my naked body sending shivers throughout my body. My nipples get hard and sensitive.

You look down, my mouth is open and inviting. I want to suck your cock. You bring your cock closer, gently rubbing your head on my moist lips. I stick out my tongue so you can rub your warm cock on it. You're teasing me, I want to feel your cock deep in my mouth.

You straddle my face with your balls hanging in my face. I can't resist, I suck your balls into my mouth. mmmmm my tongue licking your sack my hand stroking your cock. I love it.

With my head still hanging off the bed, my mouth and neck are wide open for your deep penetration. Fuck how I want it. I open mouth and you gently slide your cock into my mouth. Slowly stroking it in and out at first, working your shaft on my tongue and lips. One final stroke to wet your shaft and then you push deep into my mouth and I swallow your cock into my throat. You pump my mouth faster, your balls smacking my face. OMG how I want you to cum, shoot your load down my throat. I want to feel your warm spunk fill and drip down my throat. Yummy.
Disappointing Sex - Ladies Only Please
Posted:Nov 21, 2014 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2017 6:02 pm

If you have ever had sex with someone and considered it a waste of time, would you tell them that it wasn't good? If you answer no, you wouldn't tell them, please comment on why you wouldn't tell them.
Yes I would tell them
No I wouldn't tell them
13 Comments , 51 votes
Take your CAPS off
Posted:Nov 19, 2014 5:09 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2014 2:51 pm

It's annoying to read a message from someone that is written in all CAPS. WTF?! In this age of technology do you not know by now that all CAPS is a form of electronic yelling??? Perhaps his eye sight isn't good. That's my assumption, since he couldn't ready the criteria I was looking for on my profile.

Make your resolution larger and stop yelling at people in messages!!
Fuck me!!
Posted:Nov 17, 2014 3:07 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2015 2:26 pm

There's nothing that gets me off more, than the sounds made during sex. Even better if the man I'm with is just as vocal. I'm a moaner, and it makes me wet when he moans too. Make some noise. Mmmmm sooo many different sounds, sooo many things that make me wet. When I'm kneeling between your legs with your cock in my mouth, I love to hear you say how good it feels. It makes me want to suck longer and harder. The sound of me slurping and licking your cock. Sucking your balls into my mouth and swirling my tongue on your sack. Yummy. Slapping your cock on my tongue. Sucking your head into my mouth, licking the tip with my tongue and lips. There's no sound more arousing than the smacking of your balls against my ass as you have me bent over ass high in the air. Thrusting deep inside my pussy, wet and hot from your cock. You pull out and bury your face in my pulsing pussy. Sticking your tongue deep in my pussy. Tell me how good I taste, and suck on my lips. I'm gasping with the anticipation of your tongue on my clit. The slurping and licking are driving me crazy. I'm ready to explode. You whisper 'cum for me'. I'm ready to climax. There's a rush over my body, I wiggle and scream and moan. Your face soaked with my pussy juice. You kiss me, our tongues entwined. I suck my juice off your tongue...slurp! mmmm nothing better.
playing with myself...(pics attached)
Posted:Nov 16, 2014 9:41 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2015 4:38 pm
It's cold outside. As I lay beneath my warm comforter. I started to think about a hot body pressed against me would be much better. But all I have is me. so I thought I would take some pics and share them with my loyal watchers.

Hope you enjoy the treat.

Profile updated....again
Posted:Nov 9, 2014 7:16 am
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2014 4:14 pm

I have repeatedly updated and rewritten my profile to make it easy to read and understand. Yet I have no success. I suggest to men, that if you want to eliminate some of your frustration, do not message people without reading and understanding their profile.

When I mean single, I mean not attached, not living with, not married.

When I mean local, I mean within the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Those living here understand the boundaries also includes Cambridge. As the definition of local according to Google is: belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically exclusively so. What's not to understand?

When I mean age, I mean within the range I have specified. If you're in your 20's...YES you are too young!!

I will not waste my time responding with a thanks, but no thanks email, if you could have avoided messaging me to begin with and wasting your time.

There are a lot of great guys on here. To all of you thanks on behalf of all the women that appreciate your respect, you are true gentlemen first and wild men in bed That's how we like it.
MFM fantasy
Posted:Nov 7, 2014 2:43 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2016 5:40 am

Life's been crazy busy lately. I realized I needed to slow down and relax and regroup. Well when my mind is not occupied all I can think of is sex. Thoughts of me naked, with two very generous men have crossed my mind many times. It would be awesome to have two guys, taking care of me. Giving me multiple orgasms. taking turns sucking and licking my pussy.

Even better, to have one that's bi. I can almost cum thinking about having one guy fucking me from behind, while me and the other are in a 69. The guy on top cums and the bottom guy licks every drop of his cum from my pussy.
Anyone have standards?
Posted:Oct 18, 2014 6:36 am
Last Updated:Mar 9, 2015 6:28 pm

It seems that there are a lot of men on this site that don't seem to have any standards when it comes to sex. As long as she's female, he'll fuck her. As a female, this is very concerning to me.

I have been asked several times to come over in the first email contact. They knew nothing about me, didn't know what I looked like. I could be a guy for all he knows.

Is this desperation on their part? or do they love women any kind of woman that it doesn't matter?

Sorry guys women do not have the same thought process as you. It's really rather creepy to know there are people out there that don't have concern for safety. If you're fucking anything that will let you, what kind of risks are you taking.

I'm really getting turned off by the people on here. We all want to have fun, but I'm not willing to risk my safety for it.
Wake up call
Posted:Aug 27, 2014 8:16 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2015 5:27 am

There's something about summer that makes me horny. Perhaps it's the fact I like to sleep in a tank top and panties and nothing else, I feel sexy.

I love summer mornings, laying in bed a slight breeze blowing through the window. Half asleep and half awake, all I can think about is having my pussy eaten.

As I lay on my belly, I dream about you running your hand slowly across my ass cheek. Your finger tips brushing across my pussy lips as you kiss the back of my neck.

You spread my legs a little wider and kneel between them. I arch my hips, raising my ass and pussy for your complete assess. You begin to slide your fingers between my lips, rubbing from my clit to my ass.

Your finger penetrates my pussy with ease, I'm wet and moan with pleasure. As your finger glides across my pussy, I grind my hips against your hand. Your touch is making me ache for your tongue.

You bend down, and with one long lick, you slide your tongue from my clit to my hole. Sticking your tongue deep inside my pussy, oh god! I need you. Don't stop, I want more. I need to feel your tongue in me and licking me, sucking my juices as your face is buried in my pussy.

With your thumb in my pussy and your fingers rubbing my clit, you begin to rim my ass. I'm going to cum. You move slowly, I can feel every inch of my body beginning to tingle. With one last rub on my clit I explode. As I wiggle beneath your mouth, you continue to lick me, your fingers and thumb still working my pussy. My orgasm is intense. I need more. I need your swollen cock inside me.

You lift me up onto my knees, and rub your cock between my soaked pussy lips. Fuck me! I need to feel your cock in me. Slowly you enter my pussy, it slides in deep. Yes!! it feels amazing. You pull completely out, then slide your cock back into me in one thrust. Your teasing makes me moan, I beg you to fuck me.

With a steady deep thrust, your cock penetrates my pussy. Your cock is wet from that amazing orgasm. I'm ready for my second. You thrust harder, pounding my pussy. I love the sound of your body smacking against my ass. Your deep in me, I can't hold out any longer and I cum.

My pussy pulsing on your hard cock. My cum drips down your cock and balls. You pull out and I spin around to swallow your pussy soaked cock in my mouth. My turn to please you.

My tongue and lips take your cock deep into my mouth. As I suck your cock, I use one hand to stroke your balls. I begin to lick your swollen shaft. Working my way to your balls, I suck them into my mouth. Swirling my tongue on your sack. Mmmmm I love hearing you moan.

I look up at you, as I take all of your cock in my mouth. Your ready to cum. As I stroke your cock deep in my mouth, you blow your load. Cum drips down my throat. I lick your cock clean.

Mornings are the best time of day.
How do you eat pussy?
Posted:Aug 22, 2014 4:23 am
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2017 6:04 pm

What position do you prefer to eat pussy?
missionary, with the woman on her back
dogging, eating her from behind
facesitting, her straddling your face
her standing and you on your knees
108 Comments , 1096 votes
Facesitting: Step 3
Posted:Aug 21, 2014 4:23 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2014 10:19 am

cont'd from Step 2

So now that you have a dripping wet pussy sitting on your face. She's wiggling and squirming in delight. What else do you do??

Well...I think facesitting is the optimal position to eat pussy because, the guy is comfortably positioned on his back with no neck strain. This also allows for his hands to be free to explore my body. Your hands are just as important as your tongue and mouth action.

There are several things you can do with your hands, mix it up, hit all areas of a woman's body.

There's three key techniques, but not limited to just these:

First, I enjoy when a man wraps his arms around my hips with his hands holding onto my thighs. Applying some gentle pressure you can hold a squirming pussy firmly to your tongue. This little rodeo ride is hot!!

Second, is for a man to run his hands up my belly to my breast. Gently massaging them, pinching and twisting my nipples.

Third, you can use one hand to stroke your cock. The other can be used to slide a finger or two in my pussy or ass.
Facesitting: Step two
Posted:Aug 16, 2014 6:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2014 7:01 am

cont'd from 'facesitting'.

After the you have spent some time tickling and teasing the outer lips of the pussy, and also working on the inner thigh for a bit. Then make your way between the lips using your tongue to separate them. Exploring between the inner lips from the clit to the ass. Licking and sucking every spot.

Spend equal time on all areas, everything is sensitive. Your actions are just as important as your enthusiasm. A man needs talks dirty and tells a girl how much he's enjoying the taste and feel of her pussy. Hearing a man moan turns me on, makes me wet. I prefer my pussy eaten, not fucked with a finger. I like it slow and gently, so I can enjoy every moment.

Use your mouth and tongue at the same time just like kissing. Similar to a French kiss. Covers more area, creates more stimulation than just flicking the clit with your tongue. Don't be afraid to get into the pussy, get your face covered with her juice, there is nothing more sexy than seeing a guys face covered in your warm wet pussy juice.


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