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Jill at the party  

saucy_jill 42F  
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9/28/2021 5:49 am
Jill at the party

The party goes around us but I can barely hear the music or even the sounds of people talking around us. My eyes have locked onto yours from across the room and we are now staring absorbed in each other. You have slightly reddened cheeks and I’m not sure whether ’s the wine or whether you’re thinking of what I am. I decide which was when you glance around then give the dirtiest in the world grin at cheekily and blatantly suck your finger erotically and I can feel myself stiffen like a rock in my trousers and you’re eyes flash seeing the lust in my eyes. You then spin away from and walk out of the lounge your hips swaying and your skirt tightening making my erection somehow even stiffer and I march after you nearly shoving everyone gets in my way.

I get through the door and find you waiting leaning against a wall chest pushed out hips raised your eyes like fiery with lust. I don’t break my stride once; marching right you I slam you against the wall with my body making sure my hardness is pressed right against your pussy. You gasp and I see a of shock and pleasure cross your face in a wave. With our faces inches apart the tension is unbearable and you go say something but I press a finger your lips silence you. I know what you and I you too you take by surprise and take my finger into your mouth sucking right the knuckle and your other hand slips into my trenchcoat and slides and down my cock through my jeans. My mind does flips of pleasure and I realise that I can’t wait till we leave and I grab you firmly by the arm nearly throwing you into the nearest unoccupied room I can see.

It turns out to be a study and the force of my throw makes you stagger wildly back your high heels until you stop yourself leaning back over a cluttered table. I move fast slamming the door behind uncaring that ’s no loc Before you’ve even recovered from throwing you. Just you I’m top of you and I grind you into the tableside with my hips my cock like a pillar between us rubbing what must be your clit and pussy. You eyes roll slightly and your hands start sliding and scrabbling over my chest I continue grind against you kissing your lips and then running my tongue under your chin to your sensitive nec Your body stiffens and begins to shudder in my arms your breathing coming in fits and gasps. “… my… God!!!” you whisper with shuddering pants in my ear your hands clenching my shirt and coat.
I lean back from you for a split second and then sweep my hand across the desk behind you scattering the contents everywhere. You groan slightly and I grab you by the hair and enjoy the yelp of pleasure you let out as I do so then I use my new grip spin you around so your backs facing and then press your face against the table you struggle slightly but you cant get enough strength rise and after I press my cock just under your buttocks you just moan out loud relenting to my control willingly. But I’m not done dominating you yet and I slide my hand your skirt enjoying the feeling of your wetness through your lacy underwear and my heart does flips I realise you were wearing stockings. I let my left hand ease aside your lace and then unhesitatingly plunge my two fingers as far as they’ll go inside you causing you to yell out in pleasure your pussy clenching and sucking at my fingers as they pump and down frantically inside you. What starts off a low moan quickly builds a series of groans and then stifled shrieks my fingers slide in and out over and over and over again. Just you get begin follow the pace pushing back impaling yourself my hand I slide my other underneath and begin press and flick your clit in fast circular motions. You whole body convulses under and you thrash about the table. “Ohhhhh My fucking GOD!! You hiss out both hands grabbing the sides of the table in desperation “fuck , fuck ohhh my god YES this is so GOOD!” You begin quiver out between moans. I smile down at you enjoying the feeling of absolute control and then pump my fingers into you deep they’ll go and flick them faster and faster as I speed the rubbing of you clit fast as I can go.

You shuddering increases tenfold as you’re movements start make the desk grate across the floor I let you build near climax. Just you get your peak I run my tongue your back that’s showing and you explode “ FUCK YEAAHHH!” you yell out and frantically thrash around the tabletop impaling yourself .

Your body is quivering so much beneath and so wet around my fingers that I know I need be inside you NOW. So I quickly unbuckle my belt and unstrap it from my trousers. I then grab your arms before you recover from your orgasm and strap them together behind your bac You gasp out certainly not expecting the sudden restraint and turn your head the table over your shoulder whilst biting your lip at a curious mix of lust and innocence staring at . I smile down at you and stand at the end of the table nearest your head and unzip my jeans letting my now rock hard cock, spring out in front of you gripping it in one hand I lower it your face and your innocent look changes one of knowing lust and you begin flick you tongue over the head of it and I slide it further and further ahead until finally its fully in your mouth and you wriggle forward on the table having to go tiptoe your arms are restrained. You amaze you constantly slide forward until you’re pressing so far into you that your nose touches my belly. Your tongue and sucking is driving insane like a pussy with a touch your mouth sucks and plays with my cock and somehow I resist the urge to tug myself out and cum over your face right now.

Instead I let out a guttural moan of desperation and slowly take my cock out down at you every step of the way. The sight of you staring at and keeping eye contact you suck always turning madly!

When free of your lips I am so ready fuck you that my body aches feel your pussy around it. I look down at you once for and you just mouth at “fuc . Now”.
I smirk reaching and taking my tie off and see a look of confusion cross your face I walk behind you I take the loop of the tie and slide it over your head down over your nose and then pull it tight gagging your mouth. A long low moan escapes the gag I tighten it and I see your body writhing underneath . I then don’t hesitate another second and ram myself into you doggie style using the table legs either side a grip so I can slam into you harder and harder, so fast that the table begins to rattle with the speed. You let out a series of fast loud yelps muffled by the tie gag and I make out the word “FASTER” and comply my body seeming to convulse as I hammered you with my cock until it seemed like a blur the flesh slapping together loudly due to the strength of them. The sweat pours off me in rivulets and I can feel it running down your body as well lubricating my cock making me move even faster. I grab hold of the neck of tie and tug it back actually lifting your upper body off the table with the cord like I really am riding you. This sends you shrieking over the edge and I feel all the muscles in your pussy contract as you make one long muffled yell and I feel my balls tense up as your body quivers around my cock I cry out once letting you drop back onto the table my cock exploding and spraying load after load after load into your orgasming body.
I slump over you and after awhile we get our breath bac When we can move again we rearrange our clothes give each other one last passionate kiss that almost ends up going the way the last as my fingers slide you skirt and into so quickly that it gives you yet another orgasm like an aftershock of the one you had. We move apart and sidle out of the room as though nothing happened and rejoin the party.

spacelysproket 61M  
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5/27/2022 7:49 am

Outstanding story, so Hot !!!

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