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lizlogan 42F
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1/26/2022 12:55 am

It has been a crazy two weeks. I agreed to meet a couple I meet on Heated Affaires. I could not believe that I just walked into two peoples lives knowing what they expected of me. After we had diner and drinks we all went back to their home. We laughed and talk for hours. They showed me to my room and I kissed each of them and said good night. I went to my bathroom and took a nice hot shower. I went into my bedroom and found my suitcase and all my clothes gone. On the pillow was a dark blue teddy. I set on the edge of the bed brushing my hair and thinking of just what their plans were for me. I put on their uniform and cuddled under the blankets. I felt my head start spinning. It had been about an hour sense we had our last drink and when they opened my door and walked in I just looked at both of them smiling They walked to opposite sides of my bed. They pulled my covers down and I could feel their eyes locked on me. Lisa bent down over me took my head in her hands and kissed my lips. I watched her as she stood and took her robe off. I kept looking at her as she set beside me. Then I felt his hands take my head turning me toward him he kissed me, than I watched Danial as he slipped his robe off. I looked at him growing hard. He set on the other side of me. Each of them gripped one of my breasts and started squeezing them through the silky body suit. I kept gasping as they massaged me. They placed my arms against my sides as they pulled the straps off my shoulders and uncovered my swollen nipples. They both took a breast and started licking and sucking. they were driving me crazy. I stared at Danial as he unsnapped the crotch of my teddy and started rubbing me between my legs. Lisa straddled my head and placed her moist pussy against my lips. She stated grinding against my face as he pulled my legs a part and pushed his tongue into me. My body shook as their hands kept moving across my body. Lisa kept smothering my face as he took my ankles and pulled my legs apart. She took my legs and I felt his hands grip my hips and lift me. He pushed into me with one hard thrust. I started squirming and shaking each time he slowly pulled out and slammed back into me. She stared gushing allover my face at almost the same time he filled me with his own juice. They both climbed off of me kissed my sticky lips and walked out of the room. Day one of this adventure.

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
1/26/2022 5:19 am

really good hot text, hi from France

Real_male67 55M

1/26/2022 6:31 am

very nice story, sounds like you had a great time.

forgotforgetting 55M
8134 posts
1/26/2022 9:14 am

Nice day one. Welcome to the blogs.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

69ereatwetpussy 60M
6784 posts
1/26/2022 11:23 am

What a bed time story
Can't wait for breakfast
Lunch and dinner
Ild love to be in between them
Where you out and all cummming

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
1/26/2022 2:03 pm

That got me hard. I liked how he I snapped your teddy at the crotch.

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