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lizlogan 42F
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1/29/2022 10:23 pm

Lisa took my hand and told me we needed to start getting ready for the party. I asked her what time started and she smiled and said Friday night. was Tuesday and I asked her why we needed start so early. She smiled and just said that she had a special she wanted for me. She led me her bedroom and poured each of us a glass of wine. That was all I remember. of that day. when I woke the next morning I found myself back in the guest room and covered with oil. I walked the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She had stripped all the hair off my body. A bottle of lotion set by the sink with a note saying ,make sure you use this. I do not want you to get a rash.. I stared at my striped body. I showed and rubbed the lotion on my stinging crotch and up my between my butt cheeks. I walked into the bedroom and saw Lisa sitting on my bed. She stood and looked at me. She smiled at me standing and said told me that I looked perfect. I felt like a . She told me we had lots to do before her party. She took me to her closet and started with going though her bras and panties. She picked pink and told me to try them on as she went through dress after dress. She had me trying on all her dresses. Finally she pulled out a short silver doll dress and I put on. I walked back and forth in front of her she smiled. This will drive every one crazy. I the perfect shoes. I lifted each foot as she placed silver spiked heels on me. I stood as she walked around me and smiled. She picked a gold 6 inch wide belt and pulled tight around my waist. She stepped back, looked at me then started grabbing gold chains and draping them around my neck. She pulled my hair back as she pined three inch gold hoops on my ears. She kept at me as she picked out more gold strap on me. Bracelets on each wrist and a two inch choker collar on my neck She made her finale inspection. She kissed me on my lips and told me just how sexy I looked. Her change my costume my bra and panties. She went into her drawer and handed me a gold bra and thong panties. She whispered into my ears that I would be her star on Friday. The next two days she waxed me and massaged lotion on me. I kept asking her why and she just said; You are going to be my star.

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
1/31/2022 5:04 am

hot text, please write more

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
1/31/2022 10:25 am

I can't wait to see what she is the star of !

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