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kneedncok 45M
2 posts
1/17/2022 4:32 am

I have just about had it! I just watched this man or whatever have an orgasm in this sweet 's mouth and not even warn her! UH! GROSS! and goes without saying DEGRADING, what do you think my mouth is good for??? I have a brain, I have personality, Isn't it good enough I let you put it in my mouth?
you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT come in MY mouth! I mean the sheer nerve of some men, animals really, they have a lot to learn in manners, I'm a lady, a delicate flower and I need respect
so think next time you to be so careless, think about her feelings

case in point: watch her look at the cameraman because she just knows that he's going to be a jerk and come in her mouth, fuckwad
and then look at how distasteful she finds it, goodness I can see it in her eyes and I know she's thinking what a fuckwad too
asshole, keep your chin up, you're a lady never forget it

kneedncok 45M

1/17/2022 4:41 am

I mean what is it about her that screams 'hey, come in my mouth you fucking stud?'
absolutely nothing, she looks heartbroken, the betrayal
Aretha knows

oral4bothU 59M  
953 posts
1/17/2022 1:45 pm

She knew when he would cum, try it some time instead of 'ranting' about what other people do, you will want that cum too !

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