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Birthday Girl !!!  

dreamycloudx3 21F
354 posts
3/31/2021 1:19 pm
Birthday Girl !!!

Hello, hard clouds! 'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! anyways I got this set of comfy clothes from a special friend and I have been wearing every time I get home. I decided to show y'all the photos! enjoy!

everything in this set is sheer and the color is navy blue with hearts on it.

in this next photo, I flipped it so the G-string can be in between my pussy lips.

The question for this blog is What would you give me as a present for my birthday and is anything you would do me if so where?

Hope everyone has a great day and night!

Apollo602021 60M  
1756 posts
3/31/2021 1:31 pm

Happy Birthday sexy!

Please become an Apollo602021 blog follower!

kamaruhl3 60M
1286 posts
3/31/2021 1:50 pm

happy birthday. love you in birthday suit. xo

samson19682006 53M  
1394 posts
3/31/2021 1:50 pm

Happy birthday.

Leegs2012 48M
71110 posts
3/31/2021 1:55 pm

Happy Birthday gorgeous!! Celebrate your birthday in your sexy birthday suit!!

DiscreetQuirky 52M  
193 posts
3/31/2021 1:56 pm

Wish I could see in person. Happy birthday!

jimchevy62 59M
53 posts
3/31/2021 1:59 pm

Very sexy !
i would give you my hard dick

Chaz4ever 55M
68 posts
3/31/2021 2:02 pm

Happy Birthday!

pytimesx 61M
969 posts
3/31/2021 2:02 pm

Every day with you would be a special day.
Not sure you'd be able to tell the difference on "do [to] me"
But I know you shouldn't be able to
Happy Birthday

ps: if you don't have a date...
I'd recommend dating yourself tonight
curious if you know how

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
1055 posts
3/31/2021 2:11 pm

Happy 21st Birthday! Go out and have a drink or two to show the world how beautiful you are!! Stay healthy and enjoy because this pandemic is on the run so you can have your fun!

Birthday Girl

Gary545454 62M
601 posts
3/31/2021 2:11 pm

Pretty hot!

Suprcuk49 60M
191 posts
3/31/2021 2:13 pm

Happy Birthday !!

Perfectdevil_001 51M
807 posts
3/31/2021 2:16 pm

Happy Birthday!!!

Fuckitalll69 39M
19 posts
3/31/2021 2:20 pm

Happy birthday! What a lucky man is who gets to see you in person!

14726 posts
3/31/2021 2:32 pm

*Happy Birthday*


14726 posts
3/31/2021 2:33 pm

...Really Sexy Photos!!!

Sparrow_zs 40M
14 posts
3/31/2021 2:41 pm

very very sexy baby is perrfect your body

backpocket13 47M
8962 posts
3/31/2021 2:42 pm

Hey Sweetheart,
........Happy Birthday!.......How’s Dinner and a Dirty Movie sound for Starters?..........
Sinfully Yours, backpocket13

Cking1270 50M
14 posts
3/31/2021 3:08 pm


here4funnsex 55M  
10 posts
3/31/2021 4:49 pm

Have a beautiful birthday, wish you the very best this year!!!

Pleasureinc 57M  
1661 posts
3/31/2021 5:39 pm

Happy birthday, Cutie. Blue and sheer and hearts all look good on you. Cannot list all I want to do with you but am sure it would leave you gasping for breath!

notdw 55M  
35 posts
3/31/2021 6:35 pm

Well, lets see. A new outfit would be in order. A girl can't have to many outfits after all. Then flowers and out to dinner. Then home and I have you put on that very sexy lingerie outfit I got you and open your presents. What did get, Toys of course. Big ones and small ones and ones that make noise when you smack something, handcuffs anyone?? The rest of the night we use your new toys and explore there uses in interesting ways.

Happy Birthday Zoey

ProfessorNaught 108M
1315 posts
3/31/2021 7:42 pm

It does get better with age

SingleItalianGy2 49M  
1127 posts
3/31/2021 11:34 pm

Well Happy 21st Birthday Ms DreamyCloud.

21 is a Milestone and should be celebrated accordingly and I have brought you the most spectacular gift. We will start with a 21 COCK Salute. As you enter the celebration hall your pathway will be lined with 10 beautiful men and there RIGID COCKS to your left and 11 on to your right. They are yours to use how ever you please this evening but they must return to there rooms before Sun up or else you will release the dreaded Birthday curse that will make everyone of your Birthdays to follow unbearable. As you near the end of the 21 COCK salute.... you notice one final COCK...the 22nd proverbial GOOD LUCK COCK. This COCK is the perfect penis 9 inches in length a girthy 6 inches round with the perfectly bulbous mushroom shaped head once you see it your eyes become fixated, mesmerized by it. Of course it's attached to me. I begin calling you to me with my index finger.... you take that first step towards me and the lights go out. My 21 friends restrain you and bring you to me. Your hands are bound together and hooked to pulley and raised directly over your head. Your legs are then bound separately and tied to the eye bolts on the floor so that your legs are open at a perfect 45 degree angle. 21 COCKS now surround you on my command and begin stroking there COCKS as I walk behind you and whisper that I was torn between getting you a Red Velvet Cake or Cream Pie? When it dawned on me why not give you both... it's at that exact moment that first of 21 COCKS erupts covering your chest with his CREAMY LOAD and so on down the line til all 21 have emptied there sacks. I release the tension on the pulley holding your hands and loosen the ones to your legs until you have reached a kneeling position. The 21 men and myself begin singing Happy Birthday to you (As my COCK slips between your lips) Happy Birthday to you (my COCK now Gagging you) Happy Birthday Ms Dreamy Happy Birthday to you (The others applaud) as I continue fucking your pretty little mouth and THROAT. My COCK begins to THROB and PULSE.... the PULSING quickening as I withdraw my COCK and begin shooting THICK ROPES of my CUM across and down your face. As I SQUEEZE the last little drop onto your TONGUE I lean in and whisper Happy Birthday you can do as you please with all the CUM your covered in. I'm pretty sure you will always remember your 21st Birthday

joe_staunton 50M
14 posts
4/1/2021 6:37 am

Happy Birthday sweet lady! I hope you have a great day!

kennygooo 54M
51 posts
4/1/2021 8:21 am

Its your birthday and you are giving us a present? Why thank you for this. I am going to cum now.

kennygooo 54M
51 posts
4/1/2021 8:25 am

I would eat your pussy on stage outdoors with big screens so that the people in back can see. I would hold raffles to access your tits and another so that the winner man or woman could use your mouth. Then split the proceeds with you.

donsv1962 58M
12158 posts
4/1/2021 2:22 pm

Happy Birthday! Those are some great pics!

I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

Rftlp 56M  
18 posts
4/1/2021 6:19 pm

You are stunning young lady. Happy birthday. Live life with all the passion possible.


Tbarlover2 64M
1 post
4/3/2021 12:41 pm

After sucking and chewing on your leafy pussy lips, I would seed you well...and then spank and crop you well so that seed gets pushed and swelled around your cervex. you asked!

ladyeater2021 50M
24 posts
4/3/2021 4:03 pm

The question should not be what am I getting you. it should be, what do you want me to get you?

ShyCharli27 32F
25 posts
4/4/2021 5:25 am

That's a lovely gift, I hope you thanked them!

My gift would be to ask you lie back and get comfy, while I spent a long time kissing and licking you, not quite to orgasm... and finally let you climax all over my face x

ImInterested904 47M
55 posts
4/4/2021 8:41 am

Happy Belated birthday beautiful!

PleasureSatiated 40M  
7 posts
4/4/2021 6:08 pm

Happy belated birthday beautiful girl.

NJGUY08090 54M
3710 posts
4/7/2021 6:13 pm

Happy Birthday - I'd give you a rock hard one to blow out or ride all night. You tell me it's your party

rm_1littlehose 58M
509 posts
4/9/2021 1:55 pm

Damn, what a sexxxy Lady!

Solo_978 43M
1 post
4/10/2021 2:19 am

Are you the birthday girl? You should be the gift!!!
I'm late, but... Happy Birthday

AinOH21 34M
12 posts
4/13/2021 6:10 am

Wow is an understatement

q9999981 41M
100 posts
4/13/2021 6:39 am

Bahman1205 50M
150 posts
4/14/2021 5:01 am


HotSCPAguy 47M
23 posts
4/14/2021 5:44 pm

Thanks for sharing your sexy pics

Getoutandabout93 27M
6 posts
4/14/2021 10:37 pm

Super sexy outfit. Would love to go down on you.

ClitLickB4DickU 62M  
1270 posts
4/14/2021 10:54 pm

Sensational Outfit

I Would Buy you some Clamps for those Perky looking Nipples and a Ball-Gag to stifle your Moans

What would I do to you? Easy. I would Bury my Face between your Legs to Lick and Suck your Swollen Clit and Tongue Fuck your Juicy Pussy until you Squirt in Orgasm All Over my Face

Love2eatpussy545 33M
8 posts
4/19/2021 3:48 am

Mmmmm damn happy birthday sexy

twood1600 56M
245 posts
4/22/2021 10:56 am

Happy Birthday sexy

jimg4fun2nite 39M
7 posts
4/22/2021 3:36 pm

Extremely sexy

studbird2000 55M  
1104 posts
4/26/2021 3:10 pm

happy birthday hope you got lucky

ADICTEDmisfit 33M
1 post
4/26/2021 9:54 pm

Cloudzzz. (A++ quality) and multiple orgasms. If you're in Socal I have your gift ready and waiting

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