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take me part 645....edited  

dadigan 60M  
317 posts
2/21/2022 10:28 pm
take me part 645....edited

I plodded my way along the path toward Henry's, as we had all done so many times before, and I cried. I could feel everyone having a good time but I had to end this the way you kill a snake is by cutting the head off... Dreka was the head and the men trying to get off of New Foundland were finding that out since they had no ID. I looked up and grunted as I walked east into open space and smelled the land that was so familiar to me. The beauty of the front range is we buy land and keep it from being developed, not enough, but almost. I kept walking east as the moon started to rise and I saw Venus. I smiled as Annie ran up.

"Whatcha. doin'?"

"Taking a walk." She looked around.

"Kind of a long walk, wouldn't you say?" I looked at her as I kept walking and said maybe as she walked next to as the lion. "We use to play out here and then there was Marnine."

"I remember."

"Hmmm, you aren't planning on fighting Dreka alone, are you?" I stared at her and kept walking.

"Not any more." She smiled. "You aren't going to leave, are you?"


"Fine, then lets enjoy the evening." She smiled and whacked me across the face.

"Tag," and she ran. I couldn't best Annie in distance but I could at the start, which I did as I hit her back legs out from under her and she skidded, laughing. I was going to jump on her, but she was pregnant so I licked her and walked off. She laughed and trotted next to me. "You can't fight him alone."

"How else do I fight him?" She butted me like Wolf, and Fenrir.

"With the only other person who's fought him." I stared at her as I grunted and walked on. "What option do you have, Daniel?" I looked at her as I felt Dreka raging because I took everything from him but they were only things to him. The damage he had done was unfathomable. I growled as Aisha walked up in her armor, with her sword, and shield.

"Dragon." I shifted because I had to as she lashed the battle harness on me. She looked at Annie as she climbed on. "Fly." I flew east, but I flew up. "What are you doing? Dragon, what are you doing?" I kept flying upward. "Danael, what are doing..." and I dropped. "Shit." I dove to where Dreka was. "Danael, we can't pull out of this. It's too fast. We'll die." I narrowed my wings and flew faster as Aisha held on. It's amazing as slow time can move even when you are going the speed of sound. I felt like we were barely moving, but Aisha didn't have the same experience as she dug her nails into my ears. It didn't work as I pushed through Gaia toward Dreka. She couldn't stop me and she knew it because there can't be two Dragons.

He laughed because he was arrogant. "Don't do this, dragon. We can't pull out of this, it's too fast, Danael." I knew it was as we screeched toward Dreka, who was double my size. We breached the barrier I put up and I shifted Aisha off of me as I went into Dreka with talons and he spewed fire. I countered with ice. He won, but I slowed it down enough to gut him from<b> throat </font></b>to groin, as I rolled into stone walls and he attacked as he looked at me, in disbelief, and that was when Aisha's sword pierced his heart and Dreka died. Ama and Joseph walked up and took him away...I wasn't sure where, but my vision was getting cloudy as Aisha knelt against me.

"What is wrong with you?" She was crying which I didn't understand because Dreka was gone. "I was the one that was suppose to die you idiot." She hit me. "What is wrong with you?" I smiled and pointed over her shoulder to Sofi and my , and closed my eyes.

"NOOOO!!!!!!!!! Goddamit!!!!!!!! No, Danael. You're a Dragon you fucking idiot. Be the Dragon! I didn't breathe as she screamed and I walked to Sofi. She smiled and shook her head as she pointed at me.

"This is your father. He is a stubborn man, and an even more stubborn dragon." She laughed, and clapped, as I knelt, smiling.

"This is our , Amrita." I stared at Sofi, and then at Amrita, and opened my arms to both of them as I felt a thump beginning to slow. They walked into my arms, and I hugged them as they kissed me. I smiled as things were becoming grey. I reached to them and things went black.

Aisha screamed!

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
2/22/2022 5:21 am

The end of Dreka but I hope you haven't written Daniel out of the story.

cjg045 70M  
92 posts
2/23/2022 8:37 am

Amen, goodbye Dreka. Daniel can't be out of all this as he is the savior of all of these clans. I sure hope that this isn't so. I'll keep reading hoping for these things to level out as Dreka was the main contention of evil. Thanks Daniel, JOE

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