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STAP ON sUNdAy!!!  

chichidevane 64F
38 posts
2/20/2021 3:28 pm
STAP ON sUNdAy!!! first blog! I was on here years ago, and really enjoying blogging back then. I used my laptop to search for cams....and blog. I made many friends here in blog land. But now with smart phones, too lazy to go upstairs where I keep my laptop, its so old it hardly works!! breaking the strap on tomorrow for play! very excited to use again, its been years. I did use on a gentleman that is still here, you know who you he enjoyed. I've tried it on and now I know what the power feels good!! He's excited to have done, got us all the necessary things to make things glide.....This is my first strap on ownership, and will be looking to use it again. I play a domme role for a gentleman that I met here years ago...we reconnected with covid19 and looking forward to using on him also. I guess you can say I like the power. more into pleasure...not pain.

I will be taking my time with him, he is a little nervous, he does trust me, we have been playing for a few months. His girlfriends shift changed, which changed our play dates. Were excited to play again, and what better way to play then introducing the strap on. I will milk him first, he loves that...and then some prostate massage before the big reveal!! I won't leave you hanging....I will report back at some point. No worries everyone...he does take care of me first...ALWAYS...and I miss our weekly play dates. You know how difficult it is here members to find that person that pushes all your buttons...we do that for one another.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog...if anyone it was fun expressing my feelings. Cheers Everyone!!!!

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
1009 posts
2/20/2021 7:08 pm

Good for you, to have found that one special connection!
I wish I lived closer to you...I think I would enjoy making your acquaintance!

chichidevane replies on 2/23/2021 7:35 am:
Yes...its rare to find another good player, I got lucky!!!

Rayateu 66M
264 posts
2/20/2021 7:16 pm

cheers back to you too!

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8323 posts
2/21/2021 12:08 pm

Good for you! Im glad you found someone that works for you!!!

chichidevane replies on 2/23/2021 7:33 am:
Well...don't be too happy for me, we don't play weekly anymore since the shift change...:{

chichidevane 64F
38 posts
2/23/2021 7:55 am

Hi Gang...happy to report that Strap on Sunday was a success!! No issues and I took it nice and slow not to hurt him. Although he had other plans for our day. I had no idea that he would be doing a bondage thing on me...I was surprised and excited at the same time. We started to kiss, which both of us do so well...and then he started to unbutton my blouse. Of course I was sporting sexy bra and panties...and before I knew what was happening, I was being led over to the back of the sofa, hands tied and mouth gagged....what!!!! It was so hot...we played there until we headed upstairs for more fun!! I won't go into the details, I will keep them to myself, but checked off a few more boxes on my list. We both did actually, and thats the great part of playing with a friend that knows how to play!!!

Its been a long time finding a buddy again that can play well, and push those kinky buttons. I did years ago on and it was awesome! We all look for those kind of players that can allow themselves to let go. I sure wish I could find a buddy that can play more often ,and we could explore new things to find pleasure he out there? Well, I can say least I experienced great sex again!!! Good luck out there, I really mean it.

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
1009 posts
2/28/2021 7:47 am

Good for you, Darlin! Glad you both got your pypes cleaned.
If I lived closer...I'd knock on your door...front and back! I would love to play "Big Chief, and nakid palefaced woman!

BiLinda1967 55F
276 posts
3/9/2021 12:39 pm

It will be good times after the first.

I have private mail on my blog. Tell me your secrets

chichidevane replies on 3/10/2021 11:34 am:
Well I guess it would if he was still not the case, next!!! Thanks for responding

cyclingfool 60M  
6666 posts
3/17/2021 5:56 am

He is, or was a lucky man. That is something I'd love to explore.
Had a taste years ago, and it has been a deep desire to explore more ever since.
I think it is sexy seeing a woman wear one and to let herself be in charge.

cyclingfool 60M  
6666 posts
3/17/2021 5:57 am

Just a picture from the web. Would be so much sexier in person..

chichidevane 64F
38 posts
3/18/2021 2:32 pm

Sure....I can accommodate with that since I no longer play with him. His schedule changed, you know how that goes.....easy come easy go!

hunt4marriedcunt 53M
4 posts
2/14/2022 4:57 am

You are so goddamn sexy! I mean that from the bottom of my kinky heart!

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