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Men acting like little boys!  

chichidevane 64F
38 posts
10/15/2021 6:00 pm
Men acting like little boys!

Hello who is ever reading this blog! I don't mean men, but some are such idiots!!! Why do some feel the need be mean? What pleasure do they get out of treating women cruel? Inquiring minds want know. I can't even say that its an age thing, because its not. I know its very easy hide behind the screen, but really, why so hostile?

I've met many men that were polite, respectful, and kind. It seems this time around, I'm getting with many rude men.....lets say boys. WTF is going ? Sex is one of the things that I love and need in my life. I don't want read from some that I'm a pig, I'm old and my pussy smells...WHY? I have had one man tell me he hopes I die a miserable dude REALLY? If I was a "thin skinned" woman, I would be crushed!! But...I am not. I am a woman who loves sex, and just wants have fun! I'm direct with men that I am not attracted , and why waste my time, and his????Life is too short to be angry the time, or try get under someone's skin.

Hopefully some dude reads this that thinks he's being cool, or getting off on it. Dude...your an asshole!! Be a man, be respectful, and don't judge women because they turn you down. Women are judged so badly , last time I looked, it was 2021. We have needs just as badly as you do. Older women are more comfortable in their skin, and can allow themselves let go!! It takes awhile get , but eventually we get there. After raising , taking care of the family and trying make great memories! Now...its my time, so men who act like boys, knock it off! Its not sexy and will not get you laid in the long run.

Thank you for reading, I needed vent!! Good luck bitches!!!

NEPAman69 46M  
4 posts
10/16/2021 7:19 pm

Well stated and I'm sorry you've had to deal with shallow assholes on here.

chichidevane replies on 11/15/2021 1:41 pm:
Thank you my friend! Its the old double standard here with some men. Yes, shallow assholes sounds about right, lol...lets chat and see if we connect!

travellerabc123 52M
3989 posts
10/28/2021 1:53 pm

Hi. I'm John.
I'm sorry you're having a bad time of it. If you'd like someone close who is polite and respectful for something a little more intimate, please let me know.

Embrace the suck

chichidevane replies on 11/15/2021 1:45 pm:
Hi John...Most are respectful and bow out gracefully. But there's always a few that ruin it for women. I'm not the kind of woman that easily gets annoyed, but if they are relentless, my buttons are pushed! Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!

I'm interested if you still are !!!

cyclingfool 60M  
6666 posts
11/7/2021 2:59 pm

I hate that guys can be like this. Hey, we all can't be everyone's cup of tea, or willing to jump at something, just because some ask for or implies something.
I have made some real friendships here with woman that I never actually connected with. Sure there was attraction to a profile or pictures, or what they wrote in a blog post, but that doesn't mean it is mutual, or realistic to come to fortition?
Just be kind and nice and most of all respectful.

chichidevane replies on 11/15/2021 1:52 pm:
There are so many men here, and I guess I should take that into consideration that there is always a few bad apples thrown in the mix! This isn't my first rodeo, been here years ago, and back again since covid hit. I've also made some good friends that I still keep in touch with, and a few I played with and forgot I played with them! lol...Some of the younger ones, have this self-_entitlement theory. That doesn't fly with me, and I react with scolding them. It doesn't help my situation at that moment, but maybe it might help another woman, idn?

Thanks for responding Jeff

travellerabc123 52M
3989 posts
11/18/2021 5:42 pm

Definitely still interested.

If you want to get me. Use IVGOA

either at H0Tma1l
or K1k

whatever works best for you

Embrace the suck

chichidevane replies on 1/24/2022 11:23 am:
Awesome....I will contact you on kik

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