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Your Inner Most Thoughts
Posted:Dec 18, 2018 5:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 10:08 am

The time has come for you to face those inner demons that been invading your thoughts and dreams. You have daydreamed about it. Fantasized about it. Your thoughts have often caught you stroking your hard cock with one hand and pinching your hard erect nipples with the other. Those thoughts are invading your mind now as you sit on the couch relaxing. Your cock is so fucking hard and ready to burst. You increase your strokes. You pinch your nipples even harder. You throw your head back anticipating your release. There is a knock at the door that startles you. You gather yourself together and make your way to the door. You ask "who's there". You don't recognize the voice and so you open the door to see who's there. It's a couple. He is a white male that looks to be about 45. She is a sexy chocolate woman that looks to be about 40. They have gotten a flat tire right down the road and roadside assistance will not be available to them for another couple hours due to the icy roadways and other troubled motorists. It is about 10 degrees outside..too cold to be sitting in a car for an extended period of time. You invite them, take their coats, and offer them a seat. The small talk turns into a lot of laughs and giggles. She notices your collection of CD's and ask if you could play "The 80's Rock & Roll Greatest Hits". You do so. She begins to rock and sway and snap her fingers as the music plays. Her all time favorite song comes on and she asks her boyfriend to dance with her. Her ass jiggles and she sways her hips. Her boyfriend places his hands on her hips and sneaks a feel of her ass. They kiss and their tongues are dancing just like they are. The site before is taking it's toll. You feel your excitement building and your cock hardening. You scoot off to the kitchen to distract yourself. You grab 3 Cognac glasses and a bottle that you have been saving for a very special occasion. You return to the living room to find her sitting in his lap with her tongue still entangled with his. His hand has a firm grip of her round ass. You say "excuse me..excuse me..would you 2 like to have a drink with me?" They accept your offer. The music continues to play and she continues to dance and grind her ass in her boyfriends lap. By the end of her second drink, she is becoming a little intoxicated. You pour her third drink. Another one of her favorite songs comes on and she stands to her feet and begins to dance even more seductively. Her boyfriend stands behind her grinding his crotch to her ass. She states that she is beginning to feel a little warm. Her boyfriend helps her out of her sweater. Her huge tits are barely contained in her bra. Her hard nipples are trying to break free of the material that has them confined. Her hands unbutton her jeans. Your eyes buck. She continues to sway her hips. Her boyfriend slides her jeans off leaving her standing there in her bra, skimpy panties, and heels. She dances. The sway of her hips and jiggling ass is hypnotic to the both of you gentleman. Her boyfriend takes his hands, spread her ass cheeks, and plants his face between her ass cheeks .She slides her panties to the side and expose her swollen pussy lips and erect clit. She becks for you come closer. Your eyes buck damn near of your head. You are frozen. You can't move. She becks for you again. You make your way to her cautiously. She kisses you lightly. You return the kiss. She guides your kisses to her neck.. to her chest.. to her breast.. to her stomach.. to the top of her crotch. Her boyfriend slides her panties off. Her fingers spread her pussy lips. You lean in forward and kiss your clit. Her sigh of enjoyment is music to your ears. You kiss her clit again.. then lick it.. then kiss it.. now you are sucking it. The two of you guys both have a mouthful of her love boxes. His tongue is darting in and out of her asshole and your tongue and lips have a grip on her clit. She can barely stand. Her body is shaking uncontrollably. You guide her to the couch and help her lay back and get comfortable. Her boyfriend slides his cock in her mouth. She spreads her legs as wide as she can for you. Her pink pussy hole is glistening with her cunt juices. Your mouth returns to her ever so excited clit. Her hips rock as she fucks your mouth. You want more. You slide a finger inside her cunt. Her hips move even harder. You slide a second finger inside her pussy. She moans loader and is able to muster out the words.."more..more..more".. You slide another finger in her tight and puckered asshole. Her mouth releases it's grip on her boyfriends cock. You are finger fucking both her holes and sucking the hell out of her clit. She is in the throws of a massive orgasm and squirts her cunt juices all over your face. You lick it all up from thoroughly cleaning her up. She ask for the two of you guys to switch places. Your cock completely disappears in her mouth. Her hand is massaging your very sensitive balls as she sucks. Her boyfriend takes position and slides his massive cock balls deep inside her pussy. The sound of their body's grinding together and the squishing sound of her cunt is driving both of you guys crazy. The two of you damn near cum at the exact same time. She has a mouthful and a cunt full of hot jizz. Her boyfriend catches his breath and ask you for towel so that she can be cleaned up. You go and get a warm washcloth. You return and see the boyfriend sitting on the couch. He ask you "do you mind wiping her up and cleaning her up for me?' You agree. You get down between her still spread legs to see a well fucked creamy chocolate pussy oozing a mixture of hot cum and cunt juice. You ask her "Is it ok if I clean you?" She says "Yes you can and however you choose to".. The chocolate creampie that lies before you looks so delicious and temping. She says "go ahead and clean up.. it's ok"... You stare at her pussy again. You feel a hand on the back of your head. It's her boyfriends hand guiding your head and face to her pussy. You don't resist. You eagerly lick up all cum and cunt juice you see. You lick her clit and pussy lips clean. You hear her say.."but there's more..more deep insdie me".. Your mouth and tongue go straight into her cunt hole. You suck and suck and suck making the slurping sounds as you suck her cunt clean. Your tongues makes a trail down to her asshole. You lick and then tongue fuck it. She is squirming as she surrenders to your tongue. She squeals out.. "Yes Yes Yes". Your 2 fingers return to her pussy hole and finger fucks it hard. She screams as you have made her squirt for a second time. There is a ring of a cellphone. It's roadside assistance stating that they are approaching and are just minutes away to assist them with their flat tire. They get dressed and thank you for your hospitality. As they are about to leave, you ask if they would like for you to assist them back to their car. You give them a ride. You watch the technician change the tire out. It is getting dark out and the temperature is dropping even more. You invite them back to your place to keep them from having to be out on the roads in inclement weather.... They accept. Let Part 2 of the fun begin.
Let's Clean It Up...
Posted:Dec 17, 2018 4:22 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 10:08 am

I am seeing more and more men with the fantasy of being a Sub to a dominant woman. Within their fantasy, they would like to clean a sweet cum filled pussy whether it be their cum or another man's cum. More of a cuckold fantasy. The idea has even excited me and has caused some curiosity from time to time. Yes, I have had a Sub underneath my rule and command but never one willing to suck my pussy clean of another man's cum. Just the thought of my sweet and hot pussy filled with cum and my legs spread wide open exposing my well fucked pussy hole or asshole and hot cum oozing out if it and to have a willing sub there ready and willing to suck it all out of pussy turns me the fuck on!! My pussy juices or asshole juices and my lovers cum all mixed together...COME HERE CLEANUP BOY!! YOU HAVE SOME FUCKING WORK TO DO!!
Chocolate Pie With A Hot Pink And Creamy Center
Posted:Jul 14, 2018 9:46 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2018 9:12 am

I am a lover of interracial couples, love making, fucking, and cum swapping. It turns me the fuck on!!!! I love seeing a white guy lick, suck, finger, and fuck a black woman's pussy and asshole. An even better turn on, is seeing her ride his face with her pussy and ass spread wide exposing her hot pink center for him to devour!! It makes my pussy so wet just sitting here thinking about it. Then to have him fill her hot holes with his cum....what an amazing site and feeling!!! The contrast in color between the two as they truly enjoy each other is a beautiful site. I would love to have my pussy and asshole truly appreciated and satisfied right now by a lucky white male. Our sessions would be equally satisfying for each other.....
Posted:Dec 18, 2017 5:36 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 10:09 am

Cucks, Slaves, and Servants.. Hmmm.. You are everywhere!! Don't try to deny it. Don't try to hide it. You savor the taste of a good and well fucked pussy and asshole!! You will go through almost any type of torture to have your filthy tongue lap it all up. Degrading yourself for the taste of pussy juice and a Bull's cum. How fucking pathetic!! But you love it!! You only can wish and fantasize about your simple little cock enjoying the feel of a hot and wet pussy but you can't and never will. HA HA HA!! Keep being that Cuck, Slave, or Servant. I see you looking and peeping. Just remember that your pathetic ass is only click away!!
Posted:Dec 15, 2017 10:28 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 10:11 am
Sometimes having a sweet tooth can turn into a very interesting ordeal. You may want to eat it all up at one time or you may want to take your and savor every bite. During your gulfing it all down session, you miss out on all the different flavors and textures. When you take your time and really taste that sweetness..whatever it may can really see and discover what it takes to put it all together and make that sweetness explode on your taste buds. Are you a gulfer or a savorer? Just a question for you. Answer as you please.

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