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On my way to the UK soon  

SmashItRealHard 22F  
222 posts
7/23/2021 2:19 am
On my way to the UK soon

HI everyone.
It has been really great meeting all you guys in NYC.
THankyou for all the support and guidance, especially from you gals who have the same condition that I do.

I want to say a special thankyou to my Daddy Marcus who has really kept me sane these past few months.
Thankgod we found a way of sneaking you into my room!

profcoquin27bis 57M
4323 posts
7/23/2021 5:36 am

happy for you

BiSussi 61F
1405 posts
7/23/2021 9:20 am

How lovely How about a vacation on Krk in August, hanging out at the beach with my GF and boyfriends?Hotel is on me and don't worry, it is all about love, fun and relaxation without expectations, but plenty of opportunities for a girl like you LHR - Krk is not far If you need help with the ticket, I should be able to get it arranged

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

LuckyLondon68 54M
5 posts
8/18/2021 2:40 pm

Sorry DM crashed....

Stay_In_Reality 54M  
2209 posts
8/18/2021 7:54 pm

Lucky Marcus

Raaj_Jeremy_UK 54M
5 posts
8/18/2021 10:45 pm

Lucky Marcus
Love to have you in my room ...\8

Puzz1er 37M  
1 post
8/19/2021 2:01 am

Love to meet up when you are back in the UK, lock ourselves in a hotel room for a weekend.

bighornyboy69 53M
6 posts
8/19/2021 3:40 pm

Hey daddys slutty girl.... welcome back to the UK... hope u want to do a slutty tour of England so we can meet? xx

littlespoon4442 33M

8/21/2021 2:03 pm

You are most welcome in the UK

charlyscout3 46M
19 posts
9/4/2021 1:51 am

come to germany soon...spank

mea1088 33M
24 posts
9/5/2021 9:47 am

come back to NY soon hopefully

coreyoral4u2015 43M
59 posts
10/22/2021 3:02 pm

Hope you are doing well! Hit me up on _k_i_k sometime if you want to chat, corey4u2015

AlexxxS28 22M
1 post
10/26/2021 11:47 am

Hey hope you could stop by near me sometime would love to show you a good time can go out for drinks then spend all night fucking in a hotel Msg me and I'll give you my number so we can chat and swap pics

OllyLind 28M  
1 post
10/27/2021 6:04 am

Hey so are you in London still, i would love to meet up with you, tall 28 hot guy here x

AzaleaReal 47M
3963 posts
11/6/2021 5:02 am

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