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Back to the UK  

SmashItRealHard 22F  
222 posts
8/4/2019 8:30 am
Back to the UK

HI there fans and friends.
Am back in the UK now until September.

There are some of you who owe me a fuck, so dont be shy!

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
1205 posts
8/4/2019 8:32 am

Will smash it for ya when I see ya.

Golfdad000 56M

8/4/2019 8:38 am

Hope I’m one of them

jajo696 67F
4287 posts
8/4/2019 8:50 am

She is 19......

14861 posts
8/4/2019 9:01 am

*Y'all Better Pay Up and Give Her That Fuck*


hornyman5650 71M

8/4/2019 9:02 am

Do i owe you one lol

BigThickDan246 28M
6 posts
8/4/2019 9:22 am

I defo owe you a hard fucking. after our conversation about your fantasy

grabmyballsandsm 36M
27 posts
8/4/2019 9:47 am


KoolBlkDom 37M
30 posts
8/4/2019 10:01 am

hiya welcome back...

13129 posts
8/4/2019 11:03 am

something fishy here

Chiludo1213 49M
15 posts
8/8/2019 7:01 am

Came to USA bb

up4fun751 52M  
44 posts
8/10/2019 7:10 am

Hmm, don't know if I owe you a fuck, but I'll certainly give you one (or 3) x

London_Cookie 57M
8 posts
8/30/2019 3:44 pm

I am in London daily and we chatted briefly last time you were here.

How much longer are you here for?

sexyfrenchinNY 43M

9/23/2019 6:55 am

And when will you be back to NYC hun?

traderdick 52M  
9 posts
11/20/2019 8:42 am

Hey there. When are you back in NYC for some fun?

pmccardoso2 30M

8/15/2020 10:09 am

I don't owe you a fuck, but will pay for it anyways

mimill247 70M

10/31/2020 12:16 pm

So I"m a little confused; are you BACK in New York now?? (hoping you are) ~Michael in NYC

Coasterfan1969 53M  
115 posts
2/5/2021 3:25 pm

Yes I want to Bend you over and do you doggie and make you scream in pleasure,

hammer2it 35M
17 posts
3/12/2021 8:17 am

still in the UK or back in NYC now?

hammer2it 35M
17 posts
3/16/2021 11:01 am

we should meet up now that you're back in NYC smash

something12019 36M

4/17/2021 7:29 am

hey just messaged you on IM. hope to chat

hammer2it 35M
17 posts
6/9/2021 8:03 am

Hey Smash, i'm out of points right now, join my cam though if you want to chat

Bosscommando1 56M  
18 posts
8/25/2021 10:36 am

Daddy is waiting for you to answer! Waiting to fuck you hard! kik Bosscommando1

XJG1977 44M
18 posts
9/21/2021 11:00 am

Would love to - just need a time and place sexy!

enigmas123456789 45M  
3 posts
10/22/2021 5:09 am

hey slutty girl, are you in uk now?

dave24a2015 73M
6 posts
12/1/2021 6:42 am

So are you now in the UK ... because I cannot seem to contact you on IM.

Remind me your Hangouts id ...hornyyng . ..........? will contact you there xx

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