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G, the Red Dress and the red 911 Chapter One
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 11:03 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2022 7:32 pm
I have been messaging G for over a year now, one of the great things about Adultfinder. Now this gorgous gurl had a business trip in Oz. How she managed to get the visa and all the rest, well she must be well connected. G had a number of business interests, one was fast cars, and she was coinciding her visit with the big 12 hour race in regional NSW. All the top cars were lined, up, Ferrari, Bentley, Corvettes, Mustangs, Porsches, Audis, all competing in this world ranked race. G owned a Porsche over in America, and me, Rosie, I had one as well. That car had an effect on women and gurls. For example I was driving, a girlfriend home one night, and I got the blowjob of my life when I was driving home .
I recounted this story to G, and she was most impressed with it…..but then went on, this hadn’t happened to her. Well I said I would gladly oblige if she picked me up with a nice fast car, when she came to visit. A car that went fast around corners, where I would feel a little helpless and more than a bit turned on.
The weeks ticked past, and we continued sexting, to keep up the anticipation. I was learning a lot from G, especially looking at here profile pics which improved my look and make up. G was generous with her time and hints. The new photos I was sending her, she loved. The confidence I was getting allowed me to go out for the first time in Sydney, and OMG, I couldn’t believe the success I had. Maybe too successful, being in a swanky apartment, with two other TGurls, and having two cocks at once, something I had always fantasied about. It was divine. I hadn’t swallowed that much cum in one night ever.
I sent G the pics, and her response was a little surprising. I think she was a bit jealous as these Tgurls were hot. Now let me make it clear, G is very hot, and I imagine that she could get anyone she wanted. She is that gorgeous.
Anyway the time had come, and G was about to pick me up, and I wasn’t disappointed. Why, firstly she was more beautiful than the photos, plus her sexy American accent and legs, I got harder as soon as she stepped out of the Brand new Red 911, in a matching tight red dress and started talking. My first response, tell me what to do and I will do it honey. We kissed passionately
G was fun and she wanted fun, and asked directions to a fast windy road…..I played hard to get, “why baby?” G was fast on the come back, because you Rosie promised, and I am sure you want to play with all those knobs in this car. We both laughed, we both hoped into the 911 and tore off down the road. The car was manual. I said this is great honey, you use the gear knob, and I will use yours.
G took off in a shower of dust, she loved the car and so did I, so shiny, curvey, god I would love to spread my legs in front of that bonnet. I shrilled with delight, as G worked up the gears, and we got to a windy part of the road. G was a great driver, down shifting on the curves, she had mastery of this car. I commented on her driving skills, and then she asked “ how about your sucking skills?’. I needed no prompting, I bent over, pulled up her gorgeous dress, and saw she had a tight g string, with a stunning straining cock. I gently nibbled at her g string, but the car was moving so much, I didn’t want to bite G. So I realized the evergrowing member had to be released by my fingers, and so it happened. I licked it’s gorgeous growing head. I was in heaven, I had dreamt of sucking this beautiful cock and now I was. G kept driving fast, moving the gears was more difficult now, but G used the movement of her hand to push me down on her hardening member. As we swung through corners, I had to be careful not to let the sideways pressure, push my teeth into her ever swelling cock. I couldn’t believe how big it was getting. At this time, G opened the sunroof, and the rush of air was wonderfully refreshing, even though it blew my hair around.
I kept pumping up and down G’s cock, and she really started to move and thrust her hips which in turn pushed her cock into my mouth. She did it in rhythm with the gear change. So it was gear change down, and she would push me down, then the corner, where I would get that lateral energy from the corner, then gear change up, where I would bob up for air and then the whole thing would repeat. As the drive continued, the movements became more uniform but more arousing, for G and me. Soon it got to the stage where the deep throating from G pushing me down, I was producing so much saliva and it was spilling from my mouth, G’s G string was getting wet, very wet. Then after about ten minutes down this road, I had to stop as my mouth and throat were exhausted, so I said, “what about your balls honey?” I then pulled out my cock and started stroking it, as it was so hard, with all the arousal I had
G just moaned a Yes, and I then realized when I sat up for a break, G was going at 85 mph on the straight, I didn’t want to know, so back I went to G’s balls and just sucked them up….they were so wet and delicious. I fantasied that I would love to put cream all over them, but hey, let’s get back to the story. G said, “back to the cock honey, you have had a well deserved break”. I just wanted to do anything for G and of course I did. The process of the well rehearsed rhythm continued, gear change down, then G pushing my head down so his cock slid deep down into my throat cavity, and my lips touching his balls, then the sideways force of me coming up around her fat shaft, then his pelvic thrust, which brought back half way down his shaft, then I would come up for some air, and then the whole thing was repeated on the downshift with G pushing down into the complete deep throat position. I actually loved it. I hadn’t had oral sex like this before, as the danger was adding an extra layer of arousal.
Then G said, “I have to pull over I am cuming and you are going to have it down your throat”. Mmmm, I thought. G kept downchanging, and the pelvic thrusting, gear change and deep throat sequence continued. When we stopped I felt her cock surging, and she pushed himself deeper into my throat. The moaning was astounding such deep primal noises, and the jism went into my throat, I was gagging but G held me there, I relaxed, but then I saw blue and red lights, illuminate the cabin. G cried out, “Cops”, G was still spurting but as I withdrew but I was covered with her cum, all over the cheeks and chin.
Oh dear I thought, this is going to be tricky, I covered my cock and wiped my cheeks and chin, but I started coughing, with all the excitement. G struggled to get her still large wet cock into her g string, but I noticed everything was so wet, including her dress.
The police person popped out of the car quickly and came up to the sunroof and said “leave this open, you girls having a bit of a party….do you know how fast you were going, 85 mph, well above the speed limit” G confidently said, I know and I am sorry about that. The policewoman softened her tone, as she got a sense that we were compliant I now recognized her as a policewoman,. “well we can do it two ways, one, I can give you a fine, and you will lose your licence as you well over the speed limit, or we can have a chat them maybe a drive and anything that happens from now on is off the record”.
G said, the second please, we could make it up to you….”mmmm, get out of the car both of you” we obeyed. She strode up to me, and put her finger under my chin, and wiped some of the cum off my chin. She smelt it and smiled. “Thought so, OK, I am getting the picture here, come here red dress”, she said to G. “Hop up on that stump and I want to check something”. As soon as she stepped up on the stump and she was illuminated with the car headlights, I could see her soaked pelvic region. The policewoman got out her baton, and lifted G skirt. All the way past her tummy, “I see, a moisture affected pelvic region, with signs of a masculine appendage, this indeed is very interesting”. She looked again at me, then back to G and said, “You, the older one, spread your legs and bend over the bonnet, face down”. I did what she said, and she took out her handcuffs and pinned my arms behind my back, and then slid her baton, up the back of my dress and revealed my cock as I had no panties on. “Well, it just gets better, you will go in the back seat of the Porsche, and don’t make trouble”.
I was helped into the back of the 911, which is very cramped, with my face buried into the rear seat, then I heard, “Hey red dress, get into the passenger seat, we are going for a drive, you don’t mind do you?”
“Of course not honey, it’s your night now”. Just before the policewoman got into the car, she unzipped her trouser and OMG out popped this fat 9 inch monster cock. “Wow” said G and me. “Let’s see if you can swallow all of this when we are driving… be continued
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First date with Katz part 4
Posted:Apr 6, 2021 10:17 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 2:56 am
I was so enjoying Katz’s gorgeous clitty. It fitted my mouth so well. Funny she calls it a clitty as I prefer it call it a coc But as I have found I am happy in it a clitty, so I will refer Katz’s cock as a clitty. Just prior meeting with Katz on this hot first date I really wanted show off my deep throating skills. I so enjoy hearing my partner’s groans as there penis is completely enveloped by my mouth. I have read all of the tips, I do the clenching of the left fist, the humming whilst it’s in my mouth and the lubrication. They all assist but my biggest improvement has been done with one of my ex’s, Sheldon. Anyway let’s get back this story, more of Sheldon latter.
I was bobbing up and down, twisting my mouth around her member, licking the entire shaft, sucking her balls and generally giving her my best. But I had a surprise for Katz and I know it was about to arrive. Anyway Katz was calling out, “I am about to cum my honey slut….” And just then there was a knock at the door. I immediately pulled away and got up. Katz said, “Oh no, don’t stop, ignore it, I am about to cum” simpered Kaz. “No honey I have a surprise for you and I think you will like it”.
I pulled up my panties and wiped all the thick copious saliva off my face, Katz then said in a more assertive tone, “You are not going to answer it are you?”. “Yes honey and get decent please, as Sheldon has class”. Katz gave me a quizzed look on her face and she asked “who the f..k was Sheldon?”. ” “I said that I have shared stories about Sheldon with you before” I then watched Katz calmly walking into the bathroom, as I answered the door. Yes there was Sheldon, gorgeous white smile, looking terrific, his black skin shining, he wore a suit, his hair so neat, and smelt just delightful, plus that bulge in his loose trousers . I gave him a kiss and he said, “I love that cock breath honey, where is your cute friend? We are going to have some fun.”
Katz came out of the bathroom, looking stunning but a bit surprised. She asked, “Arent you going to introduce me?” Of course, “Katz this is Sheldon, do you remember me talking about Sheldon” Katz said “OMG that Sheldon, well sit down honey and tell me about yourself”
Sheldon, said “Rosie asked me to come over to “Swordswallower” with you, as you are super hot, which is so true”. Katz nodded as she liked the answer and said, “what game is that?” I interrupted and said “whoever could swallow the sword the deepest won the game”. “Where is the sword then?” Kaz asked with a wry grin, Sheldon looked at me with a cue for action and I nodded, “Show her Sheldon” Sheldon unzipped his trouser and out popped his seven inch thick flaccid uncircumcised ….. Katz whimpered “OMG is that the sword?”

How do we the game asked Katz, “I will explain the game and how it came about” said Sheldon. “It started out when I was seeing Rosie, and be honest she was good at blowjobs, but terrible at deep throating. Then one day Rosie came around with Faye, that Greek girl who also had a huge coc The of them wanted a competition on who could suck the deepest, so I let them start, and each time they went deeper on my cock, they marked their position with lipstick on my coc Faye was a competitive rich bitch who never liked losing. Rosie, however was determined match her. The competition between the really improved Rosie’s deep throating out of sight. So I have used the technique when I have a few gurls vying for my attention. It’s a win win for both sides, I get a great BJ and they get better at deep throating”
I was watching the both of them, Katz and Sheldon, and Katz was transfixed with Sheldon’s coc
“And who won in the end Sheldon?” asked Katz, “I will let Rosie tell you, as a gentleman never let’s go of secrets”
“Who wants go first?” asked Katz, and as it was my idea, I said Katz of course. And don’t forget get your lipstic Katz had this gorgeous pink color whilst mine was deep red, there was no way we were going mix that up. Katz got onto her knees and went straight into it, she bobbed up and down whilst Sheldon got harder and harder, and then she went in with a dive, and she only stopped when she gagged a little. “My god sister, you are a hot bitch with that mouth of yours” I said, she must have gone down about seven inches on that gorgeous cock of Sheldon’s. I must say Sheldon did enjoy it and he gave her a beautiful compliment. That’s what I like about Sheldon, you might be on your hand and knees with your cock in someone mouth and you have have mouth wrapped around Sheldon’s thick cock in some dark and dim alleyway and he always gave you a beautiful compliment. Katz proudly marked her line at seven inches with that pink lipstic
Sheldon said your turn my sweet little honey, but I was nervous, I was trying to impress Katz and I am not sure if this was the best way to do it. Then I looked directly at that gorgeous penis head of Sheldon, looked towards Katz who looked so fascinated by this process, and then I looked up at Sheldon, and in I went bobbing up and down madly, OMG I don’t remember him being so fat around the shaft. I could see Katz’s pink mark which seemed so far away. I dived down on that cock, with all my might, using my arms to pull him towards me, but I gagged about half an inch away. I withdrew, and I was a little upset with my progress, Katz saw this and came over and kissed me gently and said “while this cock game is fun I really want yours” This cheered me up no end and Katz went down on my cock and gave it the wettest kiss that I have ever had. “Let’s share this cock together sis, and forget this game. This guy is hot for sure, but I am here with you honey” So we got Sheldon to strip off and lay on the bed, and we both talked about how we would suck his cock, one time I had Sheldon’s balls in my mouth and Katz was licking the shaft, or we took turn on bobbing up and down on him, six in and out for each gurl. Sometimes, Katz would be sucking off Sheldon and I would suck off Katz, and boy did Katz like that. Then it was my turn, I must say having a cock in your mouth and having a hottie like Katz on your cock was great. Often when one of us had finished this double ending we would giggle and say whatever came on our minds. It was so silly, I haven’t had such a funny and fun session with Sheldon. Sheldon would interject and say “well I am so glad you are both enjoying yourselves so much as I am”
Katz asked, “how much cum do you make Sheldon?” A fair bit honey, I nodded in agreement. If you give me a few deep throats you will find out sooner rather than latter. We both smiled at eachother and said, “new rule, bobs and one dive, the winner must share”. “Ok” we both shrieked with laughter
And away we went. I went first and because I was relaxed, I went a half an inch past Katz’s seven inches. I felt so good as I was back in form, Sheldon said “that’s my gurl Rosie” now for Katz, “Come on my Katz cutie, go gurl”, Katz was unbelievable, her bobbing depth was about 6 inches and she she dived down and went 8 inches. Katz pulled away breathing heavily. I was so impressed, “go gurl” I screamed and I gave her a big kiss.
I could taste Sheldon’s cock on her breathe. I felt so hot, and with all the saliva from Kaz’s kiss, I dived down on Sheldon’s now erect 8 and a half inches. Like Katz I went deep with those preliminary dives, and then I went for the big one, but even with all that hotness within me I could only make 8 inches, but I stayed there and breathed and then I felt his cock surging, OMG I thought I want share this with Katz. I pulled out and then I called “Come and kiss me Katz, just here, you won’t be disappointed.” I grabbed Katz’s head and kissed her deeply, whilst holding Sheldon’s member just near our lips. As we kissed passionately, Sheldon’s ropey cum exploded, covering our lips, chin and cheeks, in unbelievable amounts. I then stopped the kissing and used Sheldon’s cock to write all over Katz’s lips and chin, Katz lapped up any cum from my face and I joined in the licking of that gorgeous coc We then both started sucking on that cock head together, intermingling it with kisses between us. Sheldon was moaning deeply saying “I have never cum like that ever before, you are so! Hot!
Sheldon then said, “Hey gurls, do you want see the video of you sucking off.” “ You bet we both squelled as we licked eachother clean after Sheldon cum shower. Then he joked “are you going lick clean as well, I am a mess. We both went back Sheldon’s large cock and licked it clean, the both of us like little gurls licking a lollipop.
After we cleaned up and Sheldon had left, Katz asked, “you have never mentioned Fay before?” be continued
My first date with Katz part 3
Posted:Apr 1, 2021 3:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 2:56 am
Katz so much enjoyed my initial cool mouth entry with champagne, and now the champagne was making much more uninhibited. I was so enjoying the in and out movements of her gorgeous clitty in my mouth, but that is the standard fare for sucking cock, yes so I rotated my head when I was going in and out, occasionally I removed her clitty and spat on it. Oh yeah she loved that, Katz called me her “dirty slut” and that was an encouragement. So now for the variety, my tongue, which I am fortunate is very long. So long I can touch the tip of nose, no problem. I ask the readers now, you try that, and if you cannot just imagine if your tongue was half an inch longer.
So I withdraw Katz’s cock from my mouth and started to give it the flicking tongue treatment, firstly on the head with me holding the gorgeous shaft, I asked Katz what it felt like, she said.....”it was like a butterfly flapping it’s wings against the head of my clitty”. Well I like the sound of that. Then I turned my tongue attention to her shaft, so I let it go, and had my tongue whipping back and forth so the whole clitty went slowly up and down. As her shaft was so wet my tongue would often slip past and my lips would collide with that hot shaft.
Then Katz took charge and slapped her clitty across my cheeks, and being so wet, covered my cheeks with saliva. This was getting hot, I could tell that, so I stood up and gave her the deepest kiss I can remember. I pulled her head towards mine, and just explored her mouth, I was loving it and Katz, well the same. I withdrew my tongue and said, “you are the hottest thing I have been with and your cock fits my mouth so well, Please fuck my mouth Be my mouth filler quick….I need to stop talking for a while. I went back to her gorgeous cock….. "Good girl," she purred, guiding my mouth back to her coc

I took another inch of her her cock in my mouth with each downward bob as I wanted to move towards the total swallow. The total swallow is when my mouth touches her gorgeous balls. I like working on a cock like that. Katz was about 7 inches but she was thick in diameter.

I kept bobbing even as I was feeling like I would never make the end, slowly taking more and more of the magnificent cock down my throat. "Oh yes, Rosie," Katz moaned, "You want my entire clitty in that cock sucking mouth of yours, don't you?" I moaned in response as I kept bobbing, trying to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Katz suddenly grabbed my head and pushed me down, forcing the last inche in my mouth. I gagged briefly, but she held me in place by my ponytail there until I stopped. I felt a rush at being forced to take it all in my mouth….."wow honey you did it," Katz said, sounding impressed. "I knew she was a complete submissive clitty sucker the moment I wrote to her," Katz proudly stated. Even as she continued holding my head on her coc Katz’s cock was completely filling my mouth, but I was getting used it. Then I relaxed and started breathing. The way I look at it now, she was stretching my mouth for the future.

Finally, she ordered, "I am so proud of you honey, now you may continue sucking . "I obeyed, bobbing up and down on her cock, taking the entire monster with each downward bob. A rush of adrenaline hitting at accomplishing the difficult tas be continued…..

My first date with Katz part 2
Posted:Mar 19, 2021 4:32 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 2:56 am
Katz knelt down before me and blew on my clitty, gently and slowly. She covered the whole area, with her breathe. Katz then she gave me a very cute and fast lick up the entire shaft….I was shaking, Katz knew how tease, but then she then said, kneel down as well, so we were face face. I wasn’t disappointed, because, with all the previous conversations with Katz, I got know her. This wasn’t going be a quick turn around job with each swallowing eachother’s cum and going home. I wanted a long night with her. Plus she loved calling me a slut, and I her. I really wanted see how slutty she is.

Her lips were wet from licking my clitty, and that gorgous mouth looked so sensous, I imaged kissing her deeply, before I wrapped my lips around her clit. My nerves started ease as our lips touched and we both drew our breathe inwards. We kissed gently, and her breathe was intoxicating. This went on for minutes and simultaneously our hands explored eachother’s clothed bodies. At first we both kept away from that most sensous of areas, but was she touched my member so gently. Then we kissed more passionately, hers was the first tongue to enter mouth, felt so good. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and our tongues dueled fervently in my mouth.

I reckon you can tell how good someone is with Oral sex, based on how they kiss you. I have kissed a few gurls in my life, and generally the better the kisser, the better the sex.

I let her explore my mouth then it was my turn…..I grabbed for her clitty, which was expanding in her panties. I looked down and saw that delicious head poking out. For months with all our sexting back and forth across a large ocean, I imagined what her clitty would look, taste and feel like, with my first touch, it was silky smooth and warm, I knew it, it was better in real life.
I then started to get some courage and said “Bring your curvaceous clitty towards my mouth you sexy princess; my eager tongue awaits your gorgeous pink and purple shaft……
OMG you have a beautiful clitty”, I exclaimed and I meant it “…. the eye is so expressive, let my tongue explore it ….”
Katz pulled down her panties and that erect clitty sprung forward, like a spring being let out of a box.
Now I couldn’t wait, but I knew I had too, Katz has so often in the past talked about me sucking her gorgeous clitty, so I had to be sure she would remember this encounter. Now I have had my share of clittys in my mouth how is this one different, the advantage of age I suppose, I gently rimmed the eye and the head, making sure my tongue was very wet and slippery. Then I thought, I need some water, and glass I reached for had the bubbly French champagne. I kept the champagne in my mouth, and parted my lips, her shaft entered my cool mouth and I heard Katz moan.

That’s a good sign, her moan was long and deep….at this time I wondered how many mouths had wrapped themselves around this gorgeous clitty. I don’t know why I was thinking this, but right now I felt a sense of ownership, ridiculous I know, but I was jealous of those other gurls and guys that made this Katz princess cum. I thought a little more about it, and then the opposite feeling came on, I got really turned on. Katz like me, loved sex, and I am glad that this clitty has spent some time in other people’s mouths. Geez, I loved sex, and Katz is that, sometimes pure sex. I was so enjoying this clitty.
My first date with Katz
Posted:Mar 13, 2021 3:04 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2021 9:34 pm
This is a story of my first date with my sextext mate Katz. I meet Katz online and she, in my mind the hottest CD. We have on more than a couple of occasions had this really hot sextexting encounters. She would send me photos and I would return them. Here photos were to die for, gorgeous shaped legs, a lovely flat tummy and buttocks. OMG, the photos she sent me had this gorgeous clitty protruding from between her legs. I would have to relieve myself just to go to bed. Anyway Katz was coming over to Australia for business, and we agreed to meet up. We arranged the two hotel rooms, just adjacent to eachother, so in case it went pearshaped, we could retreat to our own rooms. I spent so long getting ready for here, over three hours. I bought a new outfit, something subtle because of my age. I love dressing slutty, but when you first meet….well, we both knew we wanted nakedness and plenty of sex action, so why over sell it.

I heard that knock at the door, it was Katz, my heart jumped, would she like the way I looked, would she think I was carrying too much weight, was I too old for her. Putting that aside, she was here, and when I opened the door, these she was stunning, sexy and sensous. I stammered, “come in darling, you look gorgeous”, then she strode, in, confident, walking like a model on the catwalk
When she walked in I calmed, down, but I needed a drink, I had chilled glasses and very cold champagne in the fridge, and I asked if she needed a drink.
I managed to pour it out without spilling anything, and we both sat down and started chatting. We talked and more importantly laughed at her stories of us both getting ready for this afternoon, and a long evening. When Katz was holding the long stemmed flute, I admired her long gorgeous fingers wrapped around the stem. I imagined those gorgeous fingers wrapped around “my hard clitty.
Katz noticed my distraction and asked “ what are you thinking about my hun? “ I wondered if I should tell her the truth, and I thought, why not. When she heard my explanation she said, “pull off your dress and take you knickers down to your high heels and stand straight.


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