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Phoenix_23 63M/56F
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10/15/2021 7:14 pm
First Blog post

Well we don't put photos due to Mrs security issues. I used to cam lots but now issues with the cams not working for . well. But hey thought I would share some pics of Mootown. No professional but I love to shoot photos....always improve shooting, and they don't need be boudoir.

We haven't played in years and she isn't interested in it any longer. I am free but that means I and a cross between and leper and duck billed platypus

Enjoy the photos...

Sakwes77 67M  
153 posts
10/26/2021 11:52 pm

Great photos!

I also love photography, my main interest is wildlife, especially birds.

And I am also a outcast in this culture. My wife is not interested in sex with anyone which leaves me on the outside of everything sex related.

But like a person who lost the use of his legs, not much I can do about it.

So photography is my only passion these days.

Phoenix_23 replies on 11/27/2021 10:14 am:
Yep just the way it is. Some women/couples are OK with but but not many. Just enjoy life's journey anyway....and play with your camera toys...

Bobwiser11 51M  
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11/27/2021 6:32 am

Wow great photos, What type of camera are you using?

Phoenix_23 replies on 11/27/2021 9:56 am:
Sony A7RII with Canon or Sigma glass can't remember which for this shot. Just acquired a Sony A7RIV...more

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