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The Woods
Posted:Jan 10, 2020 5:35 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2020 9:22 am
After a long stressful day at work I need to blow off some steam. There's enough lights outside to get a good walk in before it gets too dark. The air is still warm with a slight breeze kissing my skin. Crickets chirping, birds singing. I hear what sounds like leaves crumpling and twigs breaking. I stop and look behind me but nothing. Cautiously I continue walking sensing I'm being watched but I'm alone. Another noise behind me stops me in my tracks, I start to turn around and a gust of wind blows past me. The hairs on my body stand at attention and I decide it's time to head back home walking at a faster pace. I didn't realize how long I had been walking or how far into the woods I traveled. I hear a low growl coming from inside the trees I'm walking near, but see nothing still. My feet starts sprinting but I realize it's now getting dark and I'm having a hard time seeing in front of me. Hearing that growl again louder and this time hungry I started to panic and lost my balance into what felt like a very hard chest but hoping that it was a tree. No doubt this was a chest and not a tree I'm sure how it got in front of me when the growl came from behind me. Two hands reach up and aggressively grab my arms. I look up into a set of glowing golden eyes. Trying to stay calm I step back slowly and it/he spoke telling me "dont you fucking move". I felt mute, couldn't say a word. I was hypnotized by these eyes that were bearing into my soul and it somehow intrigued me. Then next think I knew I was slammed into the back of a tree with a warm body pressed into my pounding chest. My arms still locked in his hands by my side. I ask him "what do you want?". He leans in closer to me then my neck as if sniffing me whispering "you're going to let me fuck you now". I'm not sure what came over me because I was on fucking fire, like a burning sage brush fire. I didnt know who or what he was but I knew the wetness in my panties meant I was so ready to be dominated by this man. When I tried to bring my legs together and clench my thighs he tightened his grip slamming my hands above my head. With one knee he brought it between my legs separating them apart. He now hand both my hands above my head holding with just one of his tightly. He slowly drags his fingers down my face, his thumb tracing along my bottom lip. Quivering under his touch I lick his thumb to see if I can get a reaction. He hissed and his eyes immediately shot to mine, he looked shocked. Then pulling it into my mouth to suck on it. I felt something harden against my stomach. When I gasped his thumb pops out of mouth. He took that opportunity to trace down my side with his now free hand. He then flips me around and faces me towards the tree. He asks "if I let you go will you behave?" I nodded and he let go. He raked both hands down my sides then coming down where they rested on my ass making me quiver once more. My need for friction I grind my ass into his already hard erection eliciting a moan from him. I arch my back and begin circling my hips. My reaction gave him the go ahead as I continued rubbing into him, he held onto one of my hips and reached around front and slipped his hand into my already dripping core. Hungrily he asks "is this what you want? For me to fuck you with my fingers?" responding "yes please" he leans up against my back and begins his attack. He tells me "your already so wet for me baby" which causes a moan to slip from my lips. I feel one finger enter and I can already feel my orgasm starting to build up as his finger moves in all the right places. Then two fingers, holy fuck where did this man come from I think to myself. He hooks his fingers and finds my special spot this man is a miracle worker. I hesitate when I start to feel the third enter but realize I'm now backing up and fucking myself on his fingers. Near my ear he tells me "cum for me, cum all over my fingers". I'm so close and he can feel my pussy clenching around his fingers. I scream out "fuck yes, right there, faster" and he does. He removes his hand off my hip and starts to glide my pants down my legs. Once their pooled at my feet he hooks his thumb into my panties and rips them off in one swift move sending my now peaked orgasm overboard. I can feel my juices dripping down my legs as he pulls his fingers out. Coming down from my high I glance over my shoulder and he has his fingers that were just inside me in his mouth, jesus how fucking hot can this man be "so sweet" he says. He unbuttoned his pants pulling them and his boxers down at the simultaneously. I glance down my eyes widen at his rock hard cock standing at full attention. I think they have deceived me, a moan escapes from my lips "you like it?" he asks. Feeling bold I answer Yes, now please fuck me". With one hand he pushes me back up against the tree. A firm smack on my ass causes a vibration to shoot through my body setting more core on fire once more. I glance over my shoulder once more in anticipation to see him grabbing the base of his hard cock and aligning with my needy pussy, he grabs my hip pulling it back against him. He begins to rub his erection in between my slick folds teasing me. "Please" I say. I hear him lowly chuckle "please what baby, tell me what you want" he says. "Fuck my pussy ple..." I answer. Before I can finish answering he slams into me bottoming out "FUCK" is all I can say a tear escaping my eye. Pain from his size causes me to gasp, he stays inside me to allow me to adjust to his size. I ask him to start moving. He starts pulling out only leaving the head in. The pain starts to decrease and all I feel is extreme pleasure. "Does that feel good, your so tight?" "Mmmhmmm" I hum. "Words baby, use your words" he says. "Yes faster, please fuck me harder" I answer and he does just that grabbing my hips thrusting up in hitting unknown areas I've never felt before. That knot in my stomach coming back for second time. He leans over and grunts biting the back of my should and says "your gripping my cock so hard your going to make me cum". I start rotating my hips in a circle working his cock to my satisfaction. He leans back standing straight, hands behind his head and let's be fuck him. Hearing the slapping motion from my juices as I slam back onto him faster and harder each time. I can feel him start to pulsate inside my walls. Making grunting animalistic sounds. He grabs me again digging his nails into my outer thighs. His breathe becomes heavier. He starts to pound into me giving me everything he has. I found my voice, I don't know what comes over me or who this girl is. She sounds like me but I dont recognize her. She shouting "I'm so close", "Yes right there baby, fuck me harder don't stop", "You like that tight wet pussy don't you?" "Harder, faster, slap my ass". I can feel my muscles contract around him and I know any second this mind blowing orgasm is going to explode. He complies fully with my demands, he reaches around and starts to rub circles around my swollen clit with his thumb. I'm utterly fucked. He leans in to my shoulder biting harder this time, seductively demanding me to cum with him. I nod in agreement. He pounds into me, I scream out "I'm coming" and unleash the most magical orgasm I've ever experienced, my juices squirting all over his still hard erection. Following right after me with a couple sloppy more thrusts I feel warmth shooting inside me. He slowly pulls out combined liquids flowing down my legs. I bend down to pick up my pants from around my ankles and slide then back on. I start to say thank you for the best sex ever but when I turn around he's gone. No trace of him being there. If it wasn't for being soaked and the throbbing but pleasurable pain below from just being thoroughly fucked I would have thought I imagined the whole thing. Welp time to get home take a shower and get the best night sleep a girl could ask for.

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