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How about it Ladies  

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3/26/2022 12:18 am
How about it Ladies

Do you like my Cock
Hell naw

1 post
3/26/2022 12:19 am

itsallfantasy 55F  
1150 posts
3/26/2022 7:57 am

Not trying to be mean, but any guy that wants women to vote on his dick... you look DESPERATE!! You are 51 not 5 and this is really lame. Women are bombarded on here by dick pics. ALL MEN have a dick.. don't BE a dick is what works best. Follow that with pics of your dick shoved in another women???? REALLY?????? Yeah, really NOT a turn on at all.

itsallfantasy 55F  
1150 posts
3/26/2022 7:58 am

BTW, does that woman know you are posting HER FACE all over the internet with a dick shoved in it??? I know many a woman that would NOT find that nice or cool. You may want to rethink that as it really is a violation of HER privacy and HER reputation.

rdy2try4 57F  
3330 posts
3/26/2022 8:21 am

Do you realize you are setting yourself up to be insulted with this??? Who you are as a person has nothing to do with your dick. It won't get you a better job. It won't get you a raise. It won't get you anywhere. Women have to like the person it is attached to. Please, you only signed up a little bit ago. Please actually be realistic and stop thinking that women on here, based on they like and want sex, will just rush to penis shots.

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jajo696 67F
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4/9/2022 4:22 pm

GREAT advice.....ladies!!

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