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Buying a house....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5863 posts
2/21/2022 1:24 am

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2/22/2022 9:40 am

Buying a house....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
2/21/2022 1:27 am

No not me, I'd never go house hunting in a sellers market. I've watched too many how to and fixer upper shows to know that. But my daughter has be pre approved for a home loan and is looking for something. Trouble is in this market there isn't much out there and what is for sale is way over priced in my book.

On a trip to the store yesterday she told me they ( her SO and herself ) were off today to look at a house just across the state line in Ohio. Five bedrooms, three baths...going on to say they have been looking for places with an "in law" set up. I knew where this was going...yeah I'm getting old.. but not so old as to be needed looking after by moving in with one of my kids. First of all I work...a lot. Not that I want too, it's a case of I have too. Having to cash out my retirement fund when I got divorced from her mother just so I could pay off bills her mother told me she had been paying on and didn't. Paying off the bulk of the bills and then using the remainder to live and raise three minions on while looking for new employment depleted the remainder. So, retirement is something that's pretty far down the road for me right now. As it is I won't be eligible for Social Security till I'm a few more years older, and that is just chicken feed as to what I could earn if I continued working. Rock, meet hard place... I don't mind, I like working, I like what I do now, and can continue doing it till I can't do it any more.

The second thing on moving in with them is this...As crass as it sounds I've paid my dues as a parent.. raised the three minions after the ex walked out on all of us. Took all three of them back in when they were down on their luck and had to move back in with me to get by till they got back on their feet again. At this age I enjoy living on my own, and don't want to give that up. I'm free to do what I want when I like, or not do as the case may be. Walking nude from the shower to my bedroom to get dressed in the mornings rather than having to don a robe is something I've gotten used to. Being able to invite friends over for a bit of adult fun would also be severely curtailed if I moved in with her and her SO. It'd be hard to explain as to why I had four nude people in my bedroom including myself if you think about it. ( Not that I've ever had four nude people besides my self at one time in my bedroom ) Though it's nice to know that if I did want to have that I could. Right?

Okay, I know my daughter loves me. She worries... I'm getting older, though I still feel like a youngish guy. I have my aches and pains and maybe I ask too many favors from her ( rides to the grocery store etc. ) But I'm not ready to be spoon fed, and tucked in at night by her. When I am I'll let her know. Till then I'm good as I am. When she dropped me off yesterday after our shopping trip ( yeah she need to shop for food as well.. my thinking two birds with one stone here ) I said to her, if she wanted to really help her old Dad out she could fix me up with a nice female friend of hers someone close to my age..turns out one of her co workers is back in the dating who knows?

Off to shower now....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5180 posts
2/21/2022 1:30 am

Have a good one people....

author51 59F  
130010 posts
2/21/2022 2:13 am

I hear you on having our own space to do what we want, when we want it when our work as a parent raising them is finished. I do hope your daughter can find something for themselves, as I know the prices of homes here are ridiculous..Have a good one Hun..xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/21/2022 8:47 am:
It's the same everywhere with housing prices. Blame the Pandemic I suppose? Renters wanting to get out of larger buildings and in their own homes thing. What's funny is the rental market is crazy as well. I know that first hand working here...we barely get a place turned around after someone moves out and the PM already has it rented, sometimes has it rented before we get done with it. It's crazy. Have a good one my sexy friend!

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
41171 posts
2/21/2022 4:19 am

I'm in the middle of selling my house and buying another. It's been a nightmare; it's taken five months so far and the only people winning are the solicitors!

WyoCowboy7751 69M
2537 posts
2/21/2022 5:53 am

I really find it to be ridiculous and unbelievable when a 1 level, 2 bedroom, 1 and a half bath, living-room & kitchen across the street from me after a total inside remodel sells for $200,000 and yet I own a 2 level Duplex with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, living-room, kitchen, Dining area & Fireplace upper level with 3 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen & dining area in lower portion and is only County Valued at $154,000 😡 I feel my place should be at least $350,000 or more !!! 🤠

PonyGirl1965 56F
22090 posts
2/22/2022 12:52 am

If she buys a farm you could put a little house at the edge of the property away from the house. You need your privacy. Just tell her. You have 'habits' that you cannot expose to the children.

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 2/22/2022 1:47 am:
I don't think they are looking for a farm, just something with more bedrooms than they have currently. Though that would make things easier having a place away from their main place. Still I'd need to get back and forth to work every day, not being a driver anymore walking to and from my job living so far away wouldn't work. Have a good one Pony!

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