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Late night goodies  

EarthAngel512 99F
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12/30/2021 7:49 am
Late night goodies

"I can't decide which one I want."

The basket of snacks overflowed with salty and sweet goodies ranging from artisan small-batch brands to old school ones she hadn't seen in forever. She held a package in each hand. In her right hand, she held a moon pie, which was what she wanted initially, and in her left hand, a bag of organic chocolate chips, which she saw seconds later, and decided those would be delicious, as well. She knew he would let her whatever she wanted from the array of snacks the hotel laid out for them, but she felt self-conscious picking out more than what she needed, which just a something satiate her sweet tooth.

"Pick out whatever you want."

She looked over at him, laying on the bed with his arm behind his head, watching her. She smiled back at him. Although she could easily buy these snacks herself, the fact he made her feel he existed to see her smile felt foreign, yet comforting at the time. Grinning, she looked back down at the bag of cookies and the moon pie.

"Moon pie it is."

She declared at last, tearing the package open and taking in a mouthful. She groaned in appreciation. She couldn't remember the last time she ate one, but somehow the marshmallow and chocolate melting on her tongue while the cake provided an extra layer of texture felt familiar. The taste reminded her of the afternoons she played with her siblings in the neighboring fields until darkness approached, signaling time for their games to end, and trek back home. Lost in her own world for a second, she further pondered how her youngest one would devour the entire box while her oldest would probably eat half before declaring it too sweet. Her thoughts drifted back to the hotel room when she felt his eyes on her.

Their eyes met from across the room. He was smitten as he watched her thoroughly enjoy the moment. He studied the way her eyes closed for a few seconds after taking the first bite, lost in her thoughts. He saw her lick the side of her lip before turning to face him, causing him to unconsciously salivate.

They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. The room was quiet but they could hear patrons laughing outside the hotel from the restaurant below. Slowly, she walked towards him. The sway in her step caused the robe to open slightly so that he could see her navy blue chemise with matching underwear peeking out. He found himself pleasantly surprised as he thought she was naked underneath.

Still holding onto the moon pie, she undid the tie as she crawled onto the bed, straddling him. Instinctively, his hands move up her thighs, to cup her ass in his palms. Running his fingers along the lace of her underwear, he watched her as she moved her hips back and forth, rubbing herself on him as she took another bite. She could feel his erection through his jeans.

Leaning forward, she kissed him. The taste of chocolate and marshmallow still on her tongue. Pulling away, she smiled down at him, placing the moon pie to his lips. He took a bite, and she bent down to take it back from him with a deep kiss.

Sitting up as she licked her lips, he pulled her chemise down, exposing her breasts, and taking one inside his mouth. He sucked softly on it as he moved her already wet panties to the side, sliding his fingers along her lips before guiding them inside of her. She began moving up and down his fingers, coating them in her desire for him. Smiling to himself, he bit down on her nipple, causing her to gasp.

"Should I close the curtain?" She moaned as he began curling his fingers inside of her.

"Leave them open, " he replied, unzipping his jeans to pull himself out. Slowly, he began rubbing the head of his penis against her clit down to the wet entrance of her and back up again. He watched her take another bite as she looked down at him, playing with her clit. He paused ever so often when he noticed her breathing quicken, only to start up again when her breathing slowed down.

When she finished the last bite, she let the robe fall off her shoulders as she rose high enough for him to slip inside of her. The feel of lace sliding along one side of his penis as he slowly pulled out, juxtaposed by the warm slickness he felt as he crashed into her while pulling her hips towards him excited him. Her breasts bounced up and down as she rode him with his thumb placed strategically against her until she screamed. He continued fucking her from underneath until he came.

She sighed in contentment, collapsing onto his chest as he let out a growl, followed by a string of curse words as his breath slowly came back to normal. Reaching up, she kissed him and smiled--the taste of chocolate and marshmallows still on their lips.

forgotforgetting 55M
8134 posts
1/5/2022 8:00 am

LOL. I'll have to remember to ask.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

forgotforgetting 55M
8134 posts
1/4/2022 11:31 am

No where near as tasty as you I'm sure.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

EarthAngel512 replies on 1/4/2022 7:01 pm:
That’s what she said… LOL

forgotforgetting 55M
8134 posts
1/2/2022 2:29 am

Damn! I want a moon pie now.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

EarthAngel512 replies on 1/2/2022 3:24 pm:
LOL they are quite tasty… 😏

NG879190 43M  
73 posts
12/30/2021 9:57 pm

Nice story, but I think the male lead is too accommodating. She probably needed a little spanking for getting crumbs in the bed. 😉

EarthAngel512 replies on 12/31/2021 3:59 am:
Interesting plot twist. I'll have to work that into the fan fiction version, or as I like to call it, “his version of the story.” 😜

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8323 posts
12/30/2021 9:51 am

Great sex and chocolate!!!!! I'm all in!!!! Very sexy story!!!!

EarthAngel512 replies on 12/30/2021 11:30 am:
I agree 100% Sensory play during foreplay or even sex can make things 🤯.

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