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Youngster2 Teenager2Adult Learned Social/ Sexual Morals  

Dr4gon9246 60M
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5/16/2022 8:41 pm
Youngster2 Teenager2Adult Learned Social/ Sexual Morals

Yes the word " to" missing on. purpose. Just like True Old Fashioned Romance has been forgotten so Respect for all shapes sizes and colors of Women. Those warring fractions in the Woodstock Vietnam years has been over six decades now. And with worldwide pandemic 2020 nearly in Recession. People are in holiday weekend rush hour.Telephones in pockets not Cordless wall plate. No lost found scribbled envelope napkin . Momentary photo texts messages in hand exchanged immediately.Return to Respect for Women of Colors. Yes natural shades of gorgeous skin tones...Workplace attire similar to Sunday Church clothes worn on First Impression First Dates...High school romance among interracial friendships was Discouraged... Nowadays. Dating Black Women is an Exotic Erotic Travel Vacation. Searching for Sights Smells and Tastes that are both shared Social/ Sexual interests

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