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Meetly app... Guys beware
Posted:Oct 14, 2021 9:33 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 9:47 pm
These are the scammers fake pics .. below is my experience.

Ok, i think its only fair i share you the dangers of being a single male. Do you have worry about getting kidnapped, sex trafficked, or buttrapd?. Most likely this is not going happen you when trying meet with someone. But you know what will happen, almost 80% of the time. a scammer will ask you for something that will get them paid. It could be your personal information or as simple as a gift card. Im no stranger most of these so called online and text scams. But the length at what some people will take try and continue attempt the scam even after getting discovered.

Hers what happened. I am currently researching Meetly app. its pretty much an app that is designed allow women the ability advertise themselves. Most of these are fake accounts designed sucker you in. It will let you make an account and add your contact information, , phone number, and hangout. The tag lines are usually, Hay, im ok HookUp... and will sometimes list prices.. Yes. i said, will list prices.. now thats pretty honest and straight forward. 75 for Half hour, $400 for full great time. Apparently it should hopefully be a super great time.

The not so honest ones say, ok hook and heres my phone number or hangout. i decided try one of the ones that said, single and looking mingle. The conversation starts of the usual.

Hay, do you have a specific type of males you like " which is code for will you fuck a black guy"
response was... it doesnt matter , long they are nice and not a perv asking for nudes right out the gate
. yeah, not cool, at least start of with out being so sexual
then they went say... blah blah, just moved into my aunts house, this and that can you host.
.. no, but ill be down split a hotel with you
response, i have a room , just come over
me.. um for reals are you sure about that
response come grape dr commerce city
me, umm, grape and what...
response babe, come over im horny

ok, guys, red flag her for you males. when ever they start a sentence with babe. you should stop wasting your time there.

me. ok im headed over, what do i need to bring
response.. 420,
me.. easy enough

so i get to the location thats in the area of this grape dr commerce city. and im like ok, im here.
response, go to the corner and let me know when your here
me.. the corner of grape and what
response... hay, i need to keep these busy, can you go and buy a google card and some condoms.
me" ok so at this point, i know this is a scam, but i wanted see how far this person is willing take it"
so i buy some condoms because i needed restock anyways. And they where sale at half off. Score, you know the goods are not cheap.
so i respond back. hay i got the condoms and the card by google.
this person the drops the scam...
Can you scratch off the back of the card and send a picture of it. so i can get these playing some games.
Me. Are you for realz. thats your end game. get a couple bucks off a google card. wow. you just wasted this time try and scam a few bucks from .
response, just send a pic of the card and ill come out and get you
me. first of you gave a fake address, anyone that lives can see that
2nd i have asked you a number of questions you have avoided
so not at this point we are going back in forth with shit talking. and im thinking myself. this has be a male troll and possible out of country scammer . i said send me pics prove you are who you say you are. i get 4 pics of different women. one is a pic of a person who has a different account.
now they have been caught, but still kept going on and on with a back and forth of blah blah blah. they even started in on the insults. i believe any female would have just stopped the conversation and blocked me. But not this person, they are still going on and on. even after i told them i was going to blog about this. At this moment they are still going on. Since we are talking on , i female friend and added her the . This person didnt really notice. so my friend got see the conversation from a females point of view. she pointed out the amount of improper grammar and sentences. They couldn't even insult properly.

Im wondering if i need start and app that is designed search out and destroy these trolling scammers out sucker you. thats for now. beware of the gift card scammers guys.

Letting out some feelings
Posted:Sep 26, 2021 9:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:7 am

It feels like it has been a long ass week. I work most of the time when i want and rest in-between my everyday responsibilities. Last night i worked security for a wealthy family celebrate a seniors birthday party. It was nice, the people where friendly, everyone got wasted, drinks littered the floor but in the end they did not get crazy. if was also exciting and entertaining watch them and how they interacted with each other. I kept thinking myself. Man i sure do wish is was not only 20 years younger, and gotten a chance go a party like this but also friends with this group of people. Omg, you want talk about a fun party, they guys had a ton of fun and i know they enjoyed them selves. Of course lets not forget that for the first time, the ladies out numbered the males. It was litterly the first party i have ever been too when there was more females then males. Instead of a sausagefest, would you call it a Tacofest, or something else. You get the idea.

I felt like all of them where hot and beautiful guys and gals. It was very interesting to watch how the guys would sit around and talk to other guys. while the girls waiting for a guy to come talk to them. At one point i noticed a lady sitting off to the side with a sad look on her face. So i did my fatherily duty and went to the rescue. Its conversations like this that make me feel like everyone needs support and love.
me..Hi, how are you doing?
her..Not so good, i broke up with my boyfriend a while ago, and my friend ditched me..Awh, thats not cool, your friend is a asshole
her.. Non of the guys are talking to me
me.. Its because they are and have to move past the brobro phase, which usually happens towards the end of the night
her.. im not as pretty as these other girls
me.. thats not true, i think your super hot and beautiful and any of these guys would be lucky to partner up with you
her.. thats kind of you
me.. you actually have the pick of the bunch, so many hot guys for you to choose from, all you have to do is be patient, one will come and start a conversation with you

That was basically the gest of the conversation. i went a did my rounds and came back to check on her later in the night. Guess what, she was able to find a hot guy to pair up with just as i predicted. By the end of the night, the majority of them had paired off, some lucky young studs had to fight off a few. It reminded me of my college days when i would go to house parities and ladies would get upset at other ladies because some female stole the attention of a guy she was trying to bag.

it wasnt till i got home, then it . i was fucking jelly, and i mean super jealous of this group of people. i mean, what the fuck. i have never seen a party with a ratio like that. It was obvious most of them where horny and wanting some make out time.

While doing some of the rounds i found one pair in the bathroom, in the dark. When i walked in on them, she was buttoning up those tight fitting jean shorts and i dont think he even took off his pants. Another pair i walk in on in the parking lot. That one was funny because it was his friends that ratted him out. Hay, someone needs to stop them from having premarital sex. I hate being a cock block so i just told them to hurry it up. i also saw one girl shove another girl aside so she could make out with a boy. Talk about super aggressive. i watched as she man handled the man. He pretty much stood their with smile on his face but not knowing what to do. In my mind, i thinking to myself. lil buddy, this is when you stick your tongue down her throat while shes got both her hands around your shirt.

if anyone reads this feel free to comment, and express yourself. i feel as if when women are younger, they are more horny and guy hungry. Is it because they have not been scarred, beat up and tainted by the years of dealing with males. Every girl in the place wanted to connect with a guy, which im guessing fades away through the years of time. Is it when we are young we are filled with hope and dreams of a super awesome future.

comment if you want to here or talk about the people we want to keep vs the ones we will just fuck.
single Hot girls on
Posted:Sep 26, 2021 3:26 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 8:28 pm

If you have been a mber of for any extensive period of ti then you already know what im talking about when i say. Single Hot girls. When i say hot, i an on a scale of 0 10, and we are talking about 11 and 12s. i dont an beautiful, because i think most people are beautiful unless they are an, rude and litter. These Hot girls are hungry for that paper. I thought that hay, maybe most of the single females that are gold mbers are actuy looking for a connection.

Boy how wrong it was for assu that shit. So as my research is still ongoing and this is what i have discovered thus far. ANY hot females that post a picture of her face on it, is most likely a CAM girl. So of them are even wise enough post a partial picture of her face which is the bait. Yes, i do an the bait like on a fishing lure. Here is the cast of the fishing line.

. Hay hows it going, how you doing how yah been. ive been away for a while now im back, and it looks like we are still friends.
Hot girl.. Hay baby, im super excited your back lets hook up

At this point im thinking myself, mmm, i only wished this wasnt a scam of so sort, but i decided play along just see where this conversation was going.

.... oh rey, i was going ask you sa thing
Hot girl. where do you live
.. Denver
Hot girl.. do you like the Broncos, if your not a fan, then i cant talk you
.. of course i am, i live here
Hot girl.. Ill do just about anything go a ga, im broke and spent the night buying drinks.
.. well i need employees at my spot, it pays alot and is easy work
Hot girl... blah blah blah, more blah blah a

And now here it cos...

Hot girl, can you go my site....

i fucking knew it.of course you want go your site and sign up for so shit. should have known.
Oh Ashley you money making hoe
Posted:Sep 21, 2021 10:21 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2021 3:30 am

Now that i have reached a certain age, alot of things do not surprise me any more. i always known that sex sells. If you want your sales to grow, use a hot women to advertise for you. If you have a Instagram and take pictures of puppies you will get many likes but not as many as you would if you take pictures of beautiful women. This is the same for other apps like Tik Tok, which is a conversation for another day. Staying on topic, women are what make sales. Whose paying for these sales, well men of course.

Enter Ashley, oh Ashley. She's hot, she's gorgeous, and she's willing and ready for you no matter the time of day, male or female. Ashely has spent time rebuilding her reputation due to a hack scare. But... That doesnt stop horny people though. If you havent figured it out yet, we are talking about the site Ashley Madison.. i spent a few moments reading the reviews on this site and they seemed to be all fairly good. Like all sites like this, there are pros and cons but online reviews has mostly good things to say.

Well i am not paid by these guys, so i don't have to kiss Ashley's Ass. In my opinion Ashley is a money grubbing, gold digging, romance scamming hoe. I have nothing but bad things to say about her. First let me start of to say, if your a women. Dont worry, its free for ladies, and if your a lesbian your in luck because you can get all the pussy you want for free. But if your a male, gay or straight, then your paying up the ass for anything and everything.

How does this work, well lets break it down shall we. Like all sites, its free to make a profile, and you have to pay for little ad ons. Things, like boost my profile to show me at a top of a long list of other males. However if your a female, you can do these things for free along with reaching out to other females or males Guys, guess what you have to pay for this. Even if you want to send a female or male a message it will cost you a minimum of $3.50. If you want a higher priority response, then your looking at about average of $6.00 per attempt. Now i said attempt, meaning that there is a good chance that the person your attempting to contact is just another scammer, fake profile, or soon to be deleted account.

I know what your thinking, oh i have a female friend on that site and she blah blah blah, yah i thought so. I talking about the fact that if you really think about it. what's to stop this company from making fake profiles of hot women to fill the void of actual super hot women. How many of these women are real people, with real accounts. You would think that hot women dont need Ashely to get laid. It would be easy for them right?? Or is somethting else a foot here.

Hot guys with money is where its at. they are the winners. they have the money to spend, and women want it. if your a rich non hot guy, dont worry, your good to go still because money will and can buy you anything. Ashley has proven it. Imagine it, i know there are some people who can afford to use Ashley and pay the $250. What does this $250 buy. well it gives you oh say about 40 attempts to contact or make a connection with a female who may or may not be hot or attractive. This $250 could double and you still not have any more of a better chance at making a connection. Lets not forget that a good chance that 70% of your attempts will end in the other account getting deleted.

What a rip right, you would think who the hell would pay for that. Ashley says she would credit you the ones that are removed due to scams or frauds. But thats bullshit. it doesnt matter what or why the accounts get removed. We know its because the users are scams or what nots. You dont get any money back or credits. Your just out of luck and out of pocket. But its ok right, your rich and got plenty of money to spend on Ashley.

Why do we spend money on Ashley, because she releases our endorphins. Spending money on her makes us happy, because we feel like its giving us a chance to make a connection with someone. Ashley you are far better at stealing money from males then our other adult friend At least with, we can all perv out on videos and pictures from other pervs from around the world.

if you like my blog, feel free to comment below.
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precovid postcovid
Posted:Sep 20, 2021 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2021 4:35 pm

Do you want everyone to get a covid shot..

this will most likely start a war, but hay, lets see.
yes, everyone should have the shot
no, only if your already weak and sick
yes, but only certain people
no, nobody should because they can not track you
i dont give shit so who cares
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Life on after Covid
Posted:Sep 20, 2021 4:32 pm
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2021 9:41 am

i will start a poll after i post my opinions on the matter.

Life on has changed a little after the pandemic. People have always been less then extroverted and kept to themselves. You would think that after being forced to seclusion for the past year and half people would want to get out. Not to mention when you did decide to meet people we hope that they do have any illness or the gifts that keep on giving and wished you could return to sender.

i went out with one person for lunch and i usually always have fun when i go out. i have that personality that can adjust to any situation. First let me start off by saying if your one of those people that drive with your mask on and jog with it. Your going be the type of Karen that gets offended by anything i would say. On that note, this lady wore her mask to our lunch meet, and wanted to have a conversation with it. she also gave me an elbow instead of a hug or hand shake. Im thinking to myself. why did you even leave the fucking house lady. We talked and conversed to the best of my patience until we got onto the subject at hand. I knew that talking about covid would be a touchy matter and is basically the same as talking politics or religion. You can guess how that went.
Her.. so are you going to get vaccinated
me... I already did when i got this shitty flu
her.. what do you mean go it?
me.. i totally got super sick from the new flu strain that was created in a lab by somonis trying to lower our population and get rid of the weak and sick along with making a shit ton of money.
her.. so you think covid is fake
me... no not what i said, just that i think history tells us some shit is going down and when people rise up against the government they find a way to shift focus. Plus for my job, i had to get alot of shots to make sure i couldnt get sick from someone else or get them sick.
her.. but just because you had other shots doesnt mean you cant still get covid
me... i said, i already got it. hated it, made me sick, lost my taste buds, smell, and i need those. so my body nows and remembers. isnt that the same as getting the shot. so you think i should get a shot of something i already have

this went on back and forth until i think i pissed her off and she left. This taught me a lesson. dont talk politics or covid because someone will get offended. i could keep going but i will continue this at a later post.
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Adjusting the prefrences
Posted:Jun 15, 2020 7:30 pm
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2021 10:53 pm

i normally don't do this, but hay it needs to be documented. I am going to tell you how it is, speaking nothing but the truth so help me God. I was raised to have respect for people, no matter what race, age, gender, religious or political group. It some ways it doesn't even have to be the word respect. You can even use the world compassion or decency.

Before i get further into this, i have to first point out that when it comes to trolling, fake accounts, email hacker askers the, is slow on the draw. But one mention about some lady making a border line politically incorrect statement. They was all over it. i cant even see the email this lady sent me because took it down. Wow, so i guess i must have been justified feeling some type of way because her message to me is gone. But the damage has already been done

Lets get into it shall we. ok. so i am on to make friends, have a good time no matter how they come or roll. Because i don't judge people, at least not right of the bat. The site allows you to choose what type of people you want to interact with. its easy as point and click because it ask you. You don't like people with big feet, and short arms, well you can click that option. ""basically"

So how come when i send out the typical hi message, lets be friends. Someone sends me a massage back that says, i don't like the blacks....Omfg, did you just say that. what is the fucking backpage 2020. i was insulted so much, i said something to, and it got removed. wow. but when i say, hay this person is just asking for my email, or just wants me to send them presents. i keep seeing them everyday. most likely doing the same shit.

If you read this, i hope it brings some perspective to you.
search and rescue
Posted:Jun 7, 2020 11:16 pm
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2021 10:56 pm

This is another one of my many adventures, if you read my last one you might recognize some of the names. Our crew of merry men are as follows D dreadlock rasta, J wanger, C chucky, G fook, R fallguy and yours truly me (my nickname is Conan, dont ask why, that is a hole other story). Then there are a few other people whos names I cant remember, so for the sack of argument, I will call them Gi Joe, jane, and the many fireman.

The day starts of like any other day, a few of us got together and decided to go spelunking (which is cave exploring). It also involved a little bit of some rock climbing and repelling. We had 6 explorers, 2 harnesses, 2 walkie talkies, and limited gear. This should have discouraged us, but being the warriors that we are, we proceeded anyway. From what chucky was explaining to us, the cave was on the side of a cliff. In order for us to gain access to the cave, we had to repel down about 50 feet from the top of the cliff. It was another 300 feet from the cave to the very bottom, give or take some. The cave is located some where up in the Colorado mountains, dont ask me were, I was not driving. The road that leads to the unauthorized camp site, is off the main road, which was off another small highway, that lead to I-70. The road was all dirt and grass, but mostly tall grass that goes passed your knees.

We get to site around 12 noon, the weather is nice, and a cool breeze is keeping us from breaking out into a sweat. We hang out for a few hours, searching for the location of the cave, drinking a few beers. We dont find the spot until about 4 o clock, and a case of beer later. Chucky is the 1st one to investigate what kind of atmosphere we will be ascending into. When he returns, we are informed that its not far from the top of the cliff to the entrance of the cave, but we have a lot of room on the ledge of the cliff. So it should be fairly easy, with the only 2 harnesses, chucky helps fook and fallguy suit up. Its now about 5pm, before fook and fallguy reach the ledge. The plan is going as well as expected.

They shed there harnesses, and were suppose to tie them onto the ascending rope. But somehow for some reason, this doesnt happen. From what we understand, fook was a little on the incoherent side (due to the case of beer we drank) and tries to free climb back up to the top of the cliff. Fallguy for some unknown reason, thinks he can do it too. I am sure you can see the disaster just waiting to happen. Fook gets about 25 feet up, when he steps on a lose rock, which heads straight for fallguys head. The rock hits fallguy, and he loses his grip and of course falls. (yes this is how he got his nickname) The rest of us, at the top, cant see him, but we can hear the rocks crackling down the cliff face, and fallguys ear piercing scream. The rest of us are clueless to what has just happened, so we are yelling to try and get some idea of the situation. Fook has now noticed that fallguy, has just plummeted an estimated 50 feet down and gets stuck in between some rocks and tree branches. In the process of climbing back down to check on fallguy, fook has managed to drop the harnesses, out of reach for them.

The situation is now crucial, since we have no harnesses to climb down, we have no service for cell phones, and no idea of the condition fallguy is in. Fook did remember to take the walkie talkie with him, which helped us create a game plan. Fallguy is hurt pretty bad, and can not climb back up, so chucky and wanger elected themselves to go on a rescue mission to help retrieve the lost harnesses and get fallguy some medical attention. They planed to traverse back and forth and find another way to reach the location of fallguy and fook. Chucky being the solider he is, has promised to find a way to get them out. We load up 2 backbacks with water, warm clothes, and first aid kit. It is now about 7 o clock, wanger and chucky set out on there mission.

Time appeared to have slowed down, minutes seemed to have passed like hours. The night creeping on us, and the temperature was starting to drop. Rasta and I who happened to be the only 2 black guys in our group, start a fire to keep warm. About 2 or 3 hours pass by, and we have not heard any word from chucky or wanger. We start to get worried, since they have not checked in with us.

Then all of a sudden, I noticed a truck headed down the grassy road, towards our location. I am hoping is not some crazy hunter looking for some human game. When the truck reaches our site, and tall white male covered in Camo gear, steps out. He motions for his passage Jane to stay in the truck, while GI Joe investigates. I tell GI Joe the unfortunate events that have taking place. A little suspicious, he walks over to his truck, says a few words to jane, then asked us to show him were it happened at. Before we get to the location on the cliff edge, the walkie talkie buzzes. Yes, its chucky, and he has made it to fallguy and fook. Fallguy doesnt look so good, he has lost some blood, and the cold weather was taking its toll on him. After hearing our conversation, GI Joe goes back to his truck, says something else to jane, who now has exited the vehicle. GI Joe grabs, a rope, and a bag full of gear and heads back off to the cliff side.

GI Joe is going to attempt to repel down to our friends in the pitch darkness, and see with his own eyes what is needed. When he climb down, jane had started up a conversation with me. She explains, that they heard fallguys screams, and came to see what was going on. If it wasnt for the fire we started, they would never have found us. She also informs me that when they 1st pulled up, they we a little scared to see 2 black guys out in the middle of now where. Now I know I am not that scary looking, but I cant say the same for rasta (just kidding). I tell her about my friends, and how it was luck of the draw that our group was made up of 2 white guys, 2 Asians and 2 black guys. She thought this was amusing to her, and felt more at ease after having a conversation with me. shortly after our talk, GI Joe comes up and grabs his long distance radio phone. Which was a sweet tool to have, it looks like those old phones with a long antenna. He radios in to the search and rescue department, and informs them on our situation. He gives them our position, and lets us know that we should not try and move fallguy, without help. He bandage up fallguy the best he could, and was too scared to attempt a manual pull up.

Less then 1 hr later, I see the flashing red and blue lights coming down the grassy road. 1 fire truck, 1 ambulance, 1 search and rescue truck, 2 regular cars, and 1 fire chief SUV. It must have been at least 20 other guys, and the only thing running trough my mind is how much this was going to cost.

It must have a taking another 1 for them to get set up, mean while rasta has gone off to the truck to get some sleep. I stay close to the side of the cliff watching the firemen work. It was really cold by that time, and I had giving my jacket to chucky to take down to fallguy. One of the firemen was cool enough to lend me his jacket, which was the warmest coat I have ever worn. Now I know why fire suits keep them from getting burned, and super cold n wet.

4am comes around, and I am so tired, but these guys are still working, after spending some time devising a plan. Fook is the 2nd one up, a round of cheers all around. Then up comes wanger, another round of cheers, by then its almost 5am, and I am ready to pass out from all the stress. The Firemen suggest that we go back to the truck and try to get some sleep, rasta is already stretched out sound asleep in the truck. The 4 of us pile truck, and slept for a little while. Then chucky appears at the truck, hops in and tries to sleep as well.

It is now morning before they pull fallguy up on a stretcher, we are all so tried, and drained. They advise us to follow the fire chiefs SUV back to the fire station. We comply, even though fallguy was on his way straight to the hospital. When we get to the fire station we fill out a brief report on what happened, Gi Joe and Jane are both there. The 20 something search and rescue people turned out to be a group of volunteers, that live in the town. They fix us all biscuits and gravy, with coffee, and juice. While we sat there and ate our long deserved meal, this group of volunteers, recaps the rescue. It was actually amusing, as they talked about what could have been done differently, and this and that. After a while of this it was time for us to go to the hospital and check up on fallguy. We shake all there hands, thank them for all there effort, and part ways. We also thank GI Joe for finding us, and Jane for not telling him to go the other way on the grassy road. A Womans instinct should never be taking for granted.

We get to the hospital to see what the damage was, and fallguy, received 12 stitches in his head, suffered 2 broken ribs, a broken finger, sprained wrist, and a bunch of miscellaneous cuts and bruises. He was feeling pretty good, when we got there, since they gave him a shot of morphine. He also told us of how they asked him If he wanted to be airlifted off the side of the cliff, and of course he had no insurance. So he had to make choice, the air ride at 7k, or the truck ride for 2k. It didnt take him long to decide.

Fallguy made a full recovery, and the rest of us have yet to adventure back to that location. We have explored many other caves since then with only one other incident, that was very minor. To all of you I can only suggest one thing, always be prepared
my adventure to the florida keys
Posted:May 29, 2020 7:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:7 am

even though it is not a sexy story. its still a fun one to tell and read about. i hope you enjoy.

Ah, the beautiful crystal blue ocean, one of the many places you find peace and tranquility. I woke up one morning thinking of a place I could go to relax and enjoy a relaxing scenery. It must have been about 9 a.m when I received a call from chucky Charles. He wanted to know if I had picked a place to go, for our next trip. I suggested we head as far south as possible, he says Mexico, no I tell him, not that way south, the other way. Oh Florida, he says. I tell him that Key West is suppose to be a really nice place. He agrees with this, and starts to make plans for our trip. We decided to check on one of our buddy’s, who we will call PC and see if he wants to journey with us. Since PC loves to party, he gladly accepted the invitation. So the 3 of us, chucky, pc and I begin packing for Key West.

The Day is Friday, I got off of work at 3pm. Chucky and pc, are already waiting for me in the parking lot. Apparently they just couldnt contain them selves anymore, and wanted to get a jump on traffic. So we leave the DTC area, jumped on the highway and drove like a professional NASCAR racer all the way out of Colorado. Our 1st stop is a motel 6 off the Texas highway. Since we all worked that day, no one really wanted to drive throughout the night. If you have ever stayed before at a motel 6 you know what there are like. Some of them are nice, and some are not so nice. Well this one, was not a nice one. In fact it was one of the dirtiest, smelliest motel 6 I have ever stayed in. Sure I might have only paid 30 bucks a person, and I guess you get what you pay for. When I checked in, a huge bearded hillbilly named husky joe was working the front desk. Yes his name really was husky joe, and husky is what he was not. Good ol husky joe had that Texan country accents. Now I was born in Texas, therefore I reserve all the rights to make fun of people who live there. This guy husky joe, must have been an inbreed from 3 generations back, cuz he was as dumb as Paris Hilton drunk and on psychedelic mushrooms. He attempted to start a conversation with me, which of course lasted longer then I wanted it too.

Husky joe: were u be froam boy

Me: Colorado, (while I was thinking if this fat fuker just called me boy)

Husky joe: Oh u froam up der in da hillz,

Me: what did u say, oh am I from the hills, well yeah pretty much

Husky joe: whearz yallz headed too

Me: Key West

Husky joe: I been der, lots of prettay ladiez, day dont wear nuttin

Me: yeah cuz, its hot

Husky joe: it hot heya too, an my cuzins dont dressas like dat

Me: yeah, cuz this is Texas, not KeyWest,

Husky joe: whatchu tryn to say, boy

Me: hay man, I am not your boy, dont call me that

Husky joe: aight, howz manyz roomz youz wantz.

Me: 1 room, 3 beds

Husky joe: wez onlay gotz 2 bedz in da roomz

Me: ok fine, then how about a rollaway

Husky joe: a rolla whatz

Me: u know a roll a way bed, the kind you have for people that want one room, but need an extra bed

Husky joe: dats why wez gotz 2 bedz in da roomz

Me: I am thinking now, that we should have gone to the comfort inn ok, fine man, give me the 1 room with the 2 beds. And extra pillows

Husky joe: dats gonna costa mo, howz youz gonna pay fo dis

Me: cost more for extra pillows, ok fine I am paying with cash

Husky joe: yo friendz likez youz

Me: What, no man, I am tired can I get my key please

Husky joe: herz yahz go, an dont be havin dat loud muzac playn alz nightz

Me: ok man, no loud music gottcha,

I basically ignored the rest of his comments, took my key and went back to the car. After explaining, what just happened inside, pc and chucky broke out in uncontrollable laughter. They heard how Texas was, but didnt think that the stories were true about country folks. When I opened the door to the motel room, a strong scent of cigarettes and sweaty azz punched me in nose. I had to open up all the windows, and tried to turn on the A/C which only made the stench worse. The floor was stained with what looked like dried blood, but who knows what it could have been. I was to scared to sleep under the sheets, with my bare skin touching the covers. But that quickly changed once I passed out, I started off on top of the sheets, and somehow someway, I ended up underneath them with my head covered and buried.

Morning time, I now understand why I didnt care about the sheets anymore, its like 40 degrees in the room. Yeah, PC doesnt like the heat, so he turned the A/C on its lowest setting. It warmed up pretty quickly though once we opened the door, since its like 8 a.m and already 90 degrees out side. After about another hour of sitting on our azz, not really wanting to go out side in the heat, we sucked it and loaded back in the car. Thankfully husky joe was absent during check out, replaced by some unimportant person. We drive and drive and drive some more, its nothing but oil fields, cows, dry but not quite desert. Look there is a tree, and one of there then all of sudden, bamm, welcome to Louisiana. Home to the Creoles, Cajun food, swamps, and Hoodoo Voodoo. This is were we experience our 1st Mardi Gras, but thats another story. I will press on through now Alabama, to good ol Mississippi. We make a pit stop at the IHOP, why oh why the IHOP. We walk into the IHOP and are seated by a young black male, with a silver grill (cuz it sure wasnt platinum). Oh but it gets better, you see the waitress, yeah she has a grill too, but hers was a mix match of gold n diamonds. Oh great I am thinking here we go.

Grill guy; sup, welcomez tooz I H O P, smokin o not smokin

Chucky; um, not smoking please

Grill guy: ights, yallz followz me peeaz

PC; (looks at me, like this a golden opportunity to get another laugh).

Grill girl: Hi yallz, whads da drink, (she goes and gets our drinks and when she comes back she starts an argument with grill guy)

Grill guy; Wer yo cuzin at

Grill girl; shez ats homez, an shez donts wanna talks to youz

Grill guy; ah fukz dat , let me hollas at har,

Grill girl: whatz ah nawz niggaz, u betta shutz yoz mouf

Grill guy; hay dem niggaz iz waiten to orda, go do dat

Grill girl: aight, Ima fukz youz ups whenz I doune, (she takes our order like nothing happened, and then goes right back to talking sht to this guy)

Grill guy; lets me geit har numba

Grill girl; I saidz no, whats youz dontz heyars soswell, youz dontz undastandz englash

Grill guy: Yo yallz niggaz, tell yo waitras shez betta pays respacta whenz wevess gotz custamas

PC: oh I am not getting into anything with her

Chucky: yeah me either, I dont like the look in her eye

Me: so I just have to ask, why do you have all that crap in your mouth

Grill girl; itz jus a thang down herez, itz lookz good donna it, werea yallz frum anywayz

Me; well we live in Colorado,

Grill guy; oh Ivs been da befo, firsta tima iz seenz snowo

Me; yeah we see a lot of it during the winter

Grill girl; itz dontz snowo heya mucha

Me; I wouldnt think snow, we are pretty far south

Grill guy; hayz uz likz muzac, iz gotz somz cdz, (he walks over to a little boom box they had while rolling silverware, and turns it up).

Grill girl; ohz datz myz shtz

Me; um ok, we r done eating can I get the bill pleases

Grill girl; holdz upz, gotz toz heyas my songa firsat, (before I can respond she runs over and turns up the music)

PC; oh yeah, thats tight, u go girl shake that azz

Me: fuking dammit Pc, why do you have to encourage the fat biach to shake her dump truck booty after I just ate. (of course she didnt hear that)

Chucky; hay, I bet she got it from her momma. (laughter erupts)

So after she is done performing my interpretation of a broke down generic Britney spears back up dancer. There are shty servers out there, and I have had some of the most unusual waiters and waitress around, but these guys took the pie and it. after all that I just needed to grab a hand full of mints to help with the nasty taste left in mouth. A few more hours of driving and we will be in Florida, and I am thinking that its about damm time. I have had it, with these crazy accents and country attitudes. We get into Florida in the late evening, and its time for a refuel at a highway gas station. I step into the gas station, and the clerk a elderly man is having a conversation with another elderly man. Wouldnt you know it, I just so happen to walk in on them while they were discussing when the term colored people was no longer the correct terminology to use anymore. Fuk it, I turned right around, and got back into the car.
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my trip to mardi gras
Posted:May 27, 2020 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 9:7 am

The road to Mardi Gras
It is February, which so happens to be the month New Orleans holds its week long parade type festival. You all know it as Mardi Gras, filled with drunks, floats, and random acts of nudity and violence. I am not yet 21 so I am wondering how much fun, I will still be able to have. Its New Orleans so age is not really an issue here. They mostly just ask for ID at the clubs, fancy restaurants, and casinos. All the other little beer and margarita stands, just want your money. If you have never been to New Orleans famous bourbon street, during its festival time. I can paint you a vague picture of what it looks like, imagine lodo or your busy club district, at closing let out. yeah, u got all the drunk people littering the streets, now picture all those people stretched out over 15 blocks. When our clubs and bars are closing and having last call at 1:30 or 2 o clock, the New Orleans night life is just getting started. I asked the bartender what time they closed, he looks at me and laughs. He says closed huh, well we only shut down for an hour to wash the floors. I am beginning to think I will love here, as long as I don't touch the ground.
For something like 7 days, they have different schools, churches, companies, or what ever showing off there marching bands, groups or floats. Never before have I seen so many police in one area before. They have cops in cars, trucks, on horseback, shit they even had a freeking police RV. What the fuck are they going to do with a RV, in the city. So they use all these police to deal with crowd control, and sometimes the crowd gets way out of control. I guess when you get that many drunk people together, fights and shit are bound to happen. Well sure enough right in front of me, and brawl was beginning to stir. I sat silently watching in the front row, waiting to see who was going to through the 1st punch, which started off with 2 guys yelling at each other. Then while they were yelling at one another, a female started instigating the situation. So it drew in more people, and apparently they starting picking sides. After the group grew to about 30 plus people, I felt the need to step back some. When all of a sudden, some azz hole threw a bottle right in the middle of these guys, it was like a fucking chain reaction. One guy hit another guy, a girl hit some guy, then some girl hit her, it was like watching one of those episodes right out of Americas wildest police videos. So were the fuck is John Walsh, sitting at home drinking wine. It didnt take long for the police to run up in the middle of all this chaos. I was thinking tear gas, a blow horn, and some tickets, which is not what was going to happen. The cops on horseback started hitting all the fighters with there Billy clubs, and with out dismounting, one of them ran over a lady and her . He didnt even stop to see if she was ok, he just made a b-line straight for one guy, who was pretty much kicking everybody elses azz. I guess a club to the back of the head, will put anyone in the right perspective. I am not kidding here people, ask anyone who has been there, the cops do not fuck around. If you give them lip, or act a fool in public, the NOPD will put your azz check. After a while, the cops had the situation under control, and meantime the stretchers took away the not so able to walk victims.
Now that I have had my fill of violence for the night, I am off to get hammered. My 1st drinking spot is some beer stand, were I purchase a freaking 90 oz Budweiser. What the fuk is up with that, who in there right mind would invent a 90 oz bud. I didnt even think that the human bladder could hold that much at one time, and I am suppose to drink a hole 90 oz of this crap. Well It didnt take long for me to get tired of the bud, so I found a margarita stand. Some Mexican lady at the stand, was pouring generous portions of tequila in plastic cup that resembled a super big gulp from 7eleven. It was freaking huge, and I guess during Mardi Gras everything is super sized. The big gulp margarita was enough fuel to get me started, now I am ready for some action.
Filled with liquor, and now Its time for me to find a club to sneak into. Lucky for me I brought my video camera to get some good footage while in there, and remember I am not 21 yet, so I have to be on top of my game. All the clubs were carding at the door, and I was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. One club in particular, was jammed packed, with a line down the street and around the corner. i seen a few girls go into the alley behind the club, so I decided to follow. I noticed a small circle of people standing by the back door, just talking to each other. Mmm, why not, lets go investigate and see what they are up too. Right when I stepped up to the group, the back door opens and a huge muscle built bouncer is standing there pointing his finger, you, you, you, and you, come on lets go and he signals for us to enter. Hellz yeah, with out moments hesitation I walk right on in, camera in hand.
The place is packed, and the entrance we came in lead upstairs to the hard to get balconys. Yes, what a nice spot to get some good footage of half naked women showing off there goods. I get up there, and before I can even get to the outside section of the balcony, a waitress runs up to me, and forces a shot down my throat. what the hell is this I ask, she gives me a seductive look, and says, its on me honey I stare back her, and say, well its not on you yet, but soon it will be she knew what I meant, but i had to let her do her job, so I decided to talk to her later. Out on the balcony you can see it all, the flocks of men surrounding drunkin women. The strangely dressed groups, street performers, flashers, and dancers covered the entire street. I stole a bag of beads from some drunk guy, that wasnt paying attention. If I wanted to see some chichis I would have to bribe them with the good beads, which now I had plenty of. I dont need to get into detail, but I would point to one girl down below, make sure I made eye contact. Then I hold up the beads in my hand, ask her if she wants them, (of course she does). Only and only after she shows me a little nip, well I give up the beads. Too many times did I see suckers give up there good beads, and not even get a 5 second nip show.
Now there is something you must be aware, not everyone will take what ever beads you have. The super hot fine women, will only show their junk if you have good beads. When I say good beads, they have to be original, unusual, huge, shinny, blinky, or fucking expensive. Trust me, these women that you see with a ton of beads around there neck, most likely aren't wearing the cheap crap that litters the floor every where you walk. Yes, if your poor, you can always get a hand full of beads off the floor, even though during the parade they pass them out. Its kind of funny to watch venders walk around pick up beads, and then resell them to some dumb tourist. But what is not funny, is the ratio of 1 girl to every 10 guys. How does anyone expect me to get any play, with 9 other weirdos looking over my shoulder. That's alright, cuz I think the waitress likes me anyway, I might as well pull her aside from her duties to do her duty.

Happy Mardi Gras

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