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Oral or intercourse  

Alnsum2419 42M/35F  
184 posts
2/5/2022 12:42 am
Oral or intercourse

If you could only have oral or intercourse for the rest of your life? What would you choose?


gnarishnakh 69M
6 posts
2/5/2022 8:15 am

I would be ecstatically happy to find a woman who only wanted to get and give oral pleasure.

69ereatwetpussy 60M
6778 posts
2/5/2022 8:18 am

Oral we all know it will lead to intercource sooner or later.

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
2/5/2022 9:35 am

Voted: I always love Oral Sex, love it even more as I get older!

Allhard4u50 60M
1725 posts
2/5/2022 10:10 am

That’s not a fair question……just saying

1kittylikker 72M
349 posts
2/5/2022 10:12 am

I have ED so oral is my only option.

Pleasureinc 58M  
2200 posts
2/5/2022 10:42 am

Dang,.......... I have to give up one of my two favorite things?!?

Sexaddkt70 71M
1423 posts
2/5/2022 1:40 pm

Oral is the best

d0gdaize 66M
375 posts
2/5/2022 1:43 pm

i sure love hearing the " purring " from a woman that loves her pussy being pleasured from a horny tongue. love pleasuring pussy before , during, and after sex... even if i am locked in chastity.

Jayinburlington 31M

2/5/2022 2:26 pm


fancy_legs 50F
190 posts
2/5/2022 2:33 pm

I personally would rather have intercourse. As long as I can still suck on his long big cock for foreplay. I LOVE the pounding of a guy who has a big Long cock to hit the back wall of my vagina. Love to hear that mushroom head pop sound in and out.
I love intercourse more than having a guy go down on me.

JustForFun21770 51M  
12 posts
2/5/2022 3:09 pm

Oral with Toys! Hmmmm

oldbstrd55 65M
3292 posts
2/5/2022 3:20 pm

If I would have had more than a couple of good oral experiences, I'd go with it, but I'll stick with intercourse.

jeepman0021 60M
38 posts
2/5/2022 4:28 pm

but would rather do both

sissidiaperdick1 62M
18 posts
2/5/2022 6:46 pm

omg i have to be able to worship a womans ass orally. Is there something better?

Ladylike1996 45F
3 posts
2/5/2022 7:41 pm


Solmich45 67M

2/5/2022 8:41 pm

Long foreplay leads to a tender and sweet tasting oral gratification for both persons involved...

PantyCurious865 47T
318 posts
2/6/2022 12:30 am


Brownie202 65F  
2680 posts
2/6/2022 2:41 am

    Quoting 69ereatwetpussy:
    Oral we all know it will lead to intercource sooner or later.
Not true. After I lost my sex drive I only gave oral. Never got it which I didn't want. For the past ten or so years I was meeting my x partner there was no intercourse with anybody. Never was with him.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

dwz5234 70M
2404 posts
2/6/2022 5:43 am

Oral !!!!!!!!!

afatcockcumzalot 59M

2/6/2022 5:47 am

Honestly I have to do both for my partner(s). I'm damn good at both of 'em.

Wantathird17 65M/57F
55 posts
2/6/2022 7:25 am

Does the answer become null and void if you have 2 partners?

bert1330 68M  
80 posts
2/6/2022 7:44 am

Always love giving and receiving oral! I can never get enough.

Paddymanc69 43M
39 posts
2/6/2022 8:16 am

Its a very hard choice as i love oral both ways and i would be very disappointed if i had ro choose only one as they are both vital to a good sex life

45 posts
2/6/2022 10:52 am

i want it all

Bobbybi69 72M  
17 posts
2/6/2022 12:29 pm

Giving or receiving?


Attentive14Funx 49M
42 posts
2/6/2022 12:40 pm

Intercourse. The human race will never survive without it.

PinkChocolateAmo 38M/35F  
3 posts
2/6/2022 12:50 pm

the option is one or the other


Deepnwide76 46M
64 posts
2/6/2022 2:34 pm

I thought oral came w intercourse I love to suck but nothing like getting my man pussy stretched an massive cum in me

calvertplaytoy 62M  
12 posts
2/6/2022 5:02 pm

Oral i love to go down on a female until they are fully satisfied and don't expect anything in return. I am there to please them only

NorthCountyJen 71T  
1 post
2/6/2022 5:45 pm

I’m a trans (MTF) and for me receiving anal is so much better than any other sexual act, that I am emphatically voting for intercourse. I wish I had a pussy so I could experience what real women feel when they are vaginally entered by a guy, but the experience of being entered anally is incredible.

Oxygen4fun 52M/51F  
163 posts
2/6/2022 6:31 pm

Intercourse, can't give up the pounding urge to her.

fkmeallnitelong9 51F  
2590 posts
2/6/2022 6:37 pm

BUT....they are always better when they are together....just saying

seoulswing2 39M/28F
169 posts
2/6/2022 9:51 pm

hubby love blowjob and i love suck cock

ltrskr 74M  
5151 posts
2/7/2022 1:53 am

A man sits down a the bar
A 9inch man jumps out of his pocket, runs up and down the bar, kicks every bodies drinks over.....
The bartender looks at the man, WTF!
The man, I found a lantern, wiped it off, a Genie pops out,
U get one wish...
Man, A nine inch pecker................
That's what happens with one wish..LOL!

Imapig54 68M

2/7/2022 5:36 am

In into giving oral not receiving to anyone

yourplaytoy2011 47M
44 posts
2/7/2022 6:51 am

I have an intense oral fetish so would be hard to give that up.

naughtyguy1950 72M
74 posts
2/7/2022 7:27 am

Oral is only an appetizer for the real deal, intercourse.

BWCA4shekiss 61M
1 post
2/7/2022 8:26 am

Oral if they take it all the way in and enjoy the taste of cum so as to never waste a drop! For her to be smoothly groomed and get plenty wet then it is extra good.

an_bohni 47M  
102 posts
2/7/2022 11:48 am

I can't help it, I want both, this is non negotiable

NearFifty 54M  
30 posts
2/7/2022 5:26 pm

Oral because more of the five senses are involved

silverfox232 58M/57F
31 posts
2/8/2022 4:17 am


AMfun4meandu 70M
518 posts
2/8/2022 6:18 am

I'd love to be able to say both, but that is not an option. Soooo oral, knowing it would lead to intercourse sooner or later.

sexbrowser69966 59M
29 posts
2/8/2022 6:39 am

intercourse of course ... oral is a fine starter,butt intercourse done right will always satisfy...position is the key...reverse cowboy in my experience always gets a woman to cum buckets if you move around til you find her on spot

Feening2Fuck 47M

2/8/2022 8:25 am

Intercourse because I love how some good pussy makes my dick feel like it's being sucked.

Looking4Fun12377 40M
1 post
2/8/2022 9:31 am

I'm more into giving oral more than receiving, but it's going to lead to intercourse anyway!

choker469 66M
4 posts
2/8/2022 12:49 pm

it would seem women prefer the closeness of intercourse, while men like getting oral. my un-scientific observation.

oralist4U1221 100M
3 posts
2/8/2022 4:55 pm

Intercourse is short lived. Oral can go on for days.

meroudz1974 47M
1 post
2/9/2022 4:43 am

J'ai une longueur de pénis de 23 cm, le sexe oral ou les rapports sexuels, j'aime les deux

ppshah2005in2 43M  
3 posts
2/9/2022 5:38 am

There no end to oral.... while intercorse in last step as per my opinion

cantthinkstrayt 71M
3 posts
2/9/2022 5:43 am

Well, it's pretty much a tie, but I have to recharge after intercourse for the next round, but oral I could do all day.

Readywhenur69969 71M

2/9/2022 1:42 pm

While I love a great blow job, the feeling of being inside a warm tight pussy feels the best.

I was in the group now I can't acess it!

2 posts
2/9/2022 11:22 pm

Oral that's a no brainer duhhhhhhhh!

2 posts
2/9/2022 11:23 pm

Oral I mean that's a no brainer for me duhhhhhh lol

ebonygirl010 23F  
2 posts
2/10/2022 2:43 am

Oral leading into intercourse

Idaholifestyle 41M  
1 post
2/10/2022 12:38 pm

Something about it in my face....... nothing better than that

Thisiskindacward 43M
5 posts
2/11/2022 8:06 am

Maybe I've been with the wrong women, but with age it has become difficult to orgasm from oral alone...

sweetwadcum 72M/108F  
1 post
2/11/2022 12:54 pm

Oral---the taste of pussy and cock is simply the best!

wite58nite 64M  
33 posts
2/11/2022 1:00 pm

oral is best love sucking cock love getting sucked love it when they wear red lipstick and red nails when sucking me

greypanther122 74M  
2 posts
2/12/2022 4:42 am

Only oral is an option I will take anyday...especially with the right (male) partner!!! Nice cock pic by the eay!

daddyandme4fun 68M/42F  
3 posts
2/12/2022 6:12 am

Pleasuring another orally can fill my whole being with a joyful feeling

Chewills 63F
1 post
2/12/2022 6:57 am

Oh yeah! And I have a vagina however, nothing like taking a hard cock in the ass:

PassionNLaught3r 36M

2/12/2022 7:47 am

Intercourse, but I would miss oral greatly

GDUBYA1960 62M
9 posts
2/12/2022 9:07 am

I love the ORAL but give me the PUSSY!

Eye69women 54M
16 posts
2/12/2022 1:19 pm

Hard to choose (EAT) just one.
Not a fair question. I love to lap up pussy while she blows me. Then we have intercourse.

Coolbreezeswm 53M
44 posts
2/12/2022 6:28 pm

I definitely love to fuck but never tastings pussy again would suck

RAL2938 65M  
17 posts
2/12/2022 7:40 pm

If a pussy had a tongue, I would probably vote for intercourse. However, a woman with oral skills and can use her tongue is priceless so I did select ORAL.... Plus, I can masturbate when I need to cum, but the only way I can get my oral desires sated is to have a nice pussy that is ready and needing to cum... I just happen to love the taste of a lady...

MikeLicker69 70M  
2 posts
2/13/2022 7:40 am

I so enjoy giving oral....making her ooze and cum all over my tongue. That is the best before penetrating deep and long...

browser2017 61M
118 posts
2/13/2022 8:27 pm

So enjoy the taste of a woman's hiar covered pussy over and over

missingthe_y 63M
67 posts
2/14/2022 3:29 pm

I choose oral, because I love the taste of pussy. But I am surprised it is so close. Wondering how it rates with men vs women.

Sexczy69 67M
3703 posts
2/14/2022 6:03 pm

Hate to think only having one!

friendfuckcock67 60M

2/14/2022 6:10 pm


GR8Orgasimstocum 57M  
13 posts
2/15/2022 9:04 am

Either or questions suck. I’d hate to not be able to do both! Gun to my head? I’d have to go with intercourse for the rest of my life. However sex without oral is like having yogurt and not licking the foil lid thing.

1bigape55 67M
6 posts
2/15/2022 8:04 pm

For me, there is nothing better than the scent and taste of a woman'sweet pussy! And the bonus for me is when she squirts during the powerful orgasm I am giving her! Any women in the Dunnellon FL area willing to put my talents to the test?

guy03234a 53M
243 posts
2/16/2022 3:08 am

Tough choice.... Oral is safer, no baby risk! Intercourse has so many positions!

Lionman425 74M

2/16/2022 3:25 am

I love hearing a woman purr as I am working on her pussy

beadsandbikes1 62M/F  
65 posts
2/17/2022 4:29 am

Lick before you stick...!!

Ray94134 65M
31 posts
2/17/2022 1:10 pm

Oh, how I love oral.

justlookin19997 48M
13 posts
2/17/2022 1:28 pm

Intercourse is more pleasure, especially if the woman knows what she's doing

mrparker22 35M  
25 posts
2/17/2022 1:51 pm

A woman that only wanted to suck dick and get nothing in return would be the perfect woman, lol.

Wilso2327 40M

2/18/2022 5:33 pm

I love giving oral, but I love the feeling of my cock inside a nice wet pussy

DelishaKeane 28F

2/18/2022 6:50 pm

Penetration doesn't do much for me, so being limited to that would be bad! Oral is what works on me, which is great because I can be with a woman or a man...

jeepsR4fun 55M
106 posts
2/19/2022 6:46 am

Oral is foreplay intercourse is the main event

virgincumdumper 52T

2/19/2022 7:17 am

As a bottom trans, i would say oral... intercourse is fine, i just bend over and take a pounding but in blowjobs i get to be in control and creative.. love to feel a guy lose it in my mouth....

mac695069 71M  
11 posts
2/19/2022 10:17 am

Oral both giving and receiving, can have a lot more orgasms (especially women) from oral. Just keep licking sucking and nibbling and they be good!

groupbifun69 53M
1 post
2/20/2022 7:49 am

69 nothing like licking her clit shoving that vib in her pussy and she starts slamming her face down on my hard cock

daddyo6910 65M
22 posts
2/20/2022 12:02 pm and receiving

preston454545 76M  
2 posts
2/20/2022 1:11 pm

I love feeling a soft female body against mine during intercourse.....

nicecocknextdoor 43M
6 posts
2/21/2022 9:12 pm

I never get oral. Well, the way I like it done anyway. lol..

tallhardcock456 47M

2/22/2022 2:43 am

pound you good

Hburgguy20 40M

2/22/2022 3:00 pm

This was much more split than I expected!

1deeptouch 70F  
114 posts
2/23/2022 8:48 am

How about including digital???

Billyinfl2 45M
9 posts
2/23/2022 2:01 pm

I don't think I could live without giving my woman oral. I think she feels the same.

AndyCee777 62M
5 posts
2/24/2022 3:57 am

Oral..As you can go on for hours.. I like it before, After and durning Intercourse with more then two…nothing better then hands on the back of your head guiding you to the right spots and pulling you tight a hard when your hitting it and she is cuming over and over…

yoursuggerdaddy2 62M
1 post
2/26/2022 7:03 pm

Intercourse. After being in prison for 36 days, all I wanted was to get laid and have a pizza.

lvrgent21 38M
1 post
2/27/2022 11:00 am

Nothing hotter than when a woman tells me to cum inside her.

cuda196567 57M

2/27/2022 11:50 pm

Hard choice

1000Firestorm 44M
12 posts
2/28/2022 1:04 am

Voted oral because I enjoy both giving and receiving, but honestly don't think I could give up either .

long2suck 71M
2 posts
3/23/2022 8:25 pm

oral would be my choice. of course every one involved needs to have great hygiene.

Gabbythe1 38F

4/15/2022 12:19 am


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