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7 catagories when blocking a profile, did you know that ?  

Aksotar 67M  
1 posts
1/19/2022 10:24 pm
7 catagories when blocking a profile, did you know that ?

When you decide to block someone on there is much more to it than simply clicking the block link.....
If you've never looked, there are 7 catagories and the default, which you can't adjust, only blocks 2 (sending flirts/emails and appearing in chat) it does NOT stop them from viewing your profile, writing testimonials, sending invites, viewing your blog or broadcasts.... you have to go to your account, select "blocked member list" then scroll till you find the profile you "blocked" then manually select the other 5 catagories and then click save...
There is no way to set the default to all 7 catagories, heck, why are there 7 catagories ? I thought blocking was preventing ANY interaction, why is misleading it's Members about this ? Why do they make it so difficult to prevent unwanted people from continuing to view and interact with your profile ?
I have contacted their Custoner Service about this several times only to get the run around, I have requested to speak with a Supervisor only to receive the same run around...
It's no wonder that there are so many fakes, trolls and scammers on when itself hides the " truth" about it's blocking from it's Members via misleading info on just how little is truly blocked and even further by not allowing it's Members to select any or all catagories for themselves....

pagancountrygirl 64F  
6466 posts
1/29/2022 3:10 pm

Actually...if you check the "View My Profile" box, it will automatically fill in the other boxes with check marks. The if you click the word "Add" to the immediate right of that box, it will add it to the blocked list with all boxes checked once you tell it to save your changes.

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

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